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Genesis expansion was the death of this game

I was truly excited about the new classes.  I have several high level chars.  I did everything I could to prepare for the new character I was going to make.  I spent plenty of money in the item mall before AND after the expansion release to ensure that I could level up as quickly as possible.

I spent the entire first day of the expansion powerleveling as strenuously as possible, but eventually I had to sleep.  I woke up the next morning and logged on immediately.  It didn't take long to discover that players had already hit level 70+.  THE SECOND DAY!

It wasn't jealousy that upset me.  People had skipped many many hours of great new content and quests.  They simply bypassed everything that took the developers so long to create, but the developers themselves allow this to happen.  This tells me that the developers don't even take pride in their own work.

I have spent a lot of money in the item mall and more time in game than most people.  You must spend real money to do anything at an average speed in this game, and the strongest players have more money and time than you do.



  • manny702manny702 Member Posts: 13

    well i agree with u in some areas like the item mall in a way its required to a certain extent because althought i used the item mall i used maybe 20 dollers in real life in total and yes i didnt have the best gear but i had 5 APS as BM +5 and +6 gear nirvana mixed with LK 3-4 Sockets everything and it wasnt bad at all it did take me a long time to do this and alot of ingame time but that is why do many peeps use the item mall since they see that it takes so long to achieve anything without it and also genesis is just sumthing PWI used to get more attention it was like tiedborn patch new classes brought more unblances to the PVP classes and the mystics are now slowly taking over the clerics job since they can with stand damage from the boss do faster heals then the Cleric and can even tank lol so ya thats my opinon.

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