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swtor and rp

AdamaiAdamai Member UncommonPosts: 476

while im not overly excited or happy about how swtor is looking. i hold one more hope. and thats for a policed rp server. im hoping at the very least if we cant have a fuller starwars experience that we may be honoured as long time starwars fans with a dedicated rp server just for the role players around the world. 


it would need to be policed with a few basic rules put in place so players have something to guide them and to adhere to keep that all important feel of emersion within the rp server.


now people will cry havoc with role players who stray from the lore of the game, but this isnt a problem infact people should be encouraged to stray from the lore. the idea of rp is to explore your imagination through story and inginuity. you cant do that if your mind is confined to the barriers of the games lore.


instead the lore of the game should be used as a source of information and as a genral knowledge base so that people can incorporate lore into their new ideas. while sticking to lore isnt important it is very good when player utilise the lore to bolster their own stories and backgrounds.


star wars is set in an entire galaxy. their just so happens to be alot of stars and solar systems in a galaxy and the starwars lore has only touched on a few possible planmet name's so all role players should feel free to create their own races and planets and back stories and not have to worry about this games lore.


its not the games lore its starwars lore and its vast and its open.


just because one portion of the galaxy believes the force is in all living things doesnt mean another portion of the galaxy should believe the same thing. infact maybe somewhere in the starwars universe there are other races with diffrent beliefs. maybe their is no such thing of the force in these palces and its unique to the jedi's portion of the galaxy.


also dont be afraid to roll a human char and pretend your a diffrent race. why cant aliens look just like humans eh ? its role play its about imagination so let it loose. and get stuck in.

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