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Please convince me to keep playing...

Very new to the game, watching another 1.5 GB download before I can get online tonight.


I've played a LOT of MMO's, this one has been fairly disappointing so far -- I like PvP, where is everyone?

Also, the console port style of the game is very weird.  Limited mouse functions are making me feel like a goof.

A friend talked me into trying the game -- I want to like it.  Just not there yet, at all.

FYI, for context, loved City of Heroes and Warhammer Online. 


  • GwingGwing Member Posts: 85

    personally i think this game looks freakign sweet...the story line looks exciting....a friend of mine plays it and cant stop. im going to be getting it but would love a trial first

  • mesabluemesablue Member Posts: 3

    I have a buddy pass, send me a message and I'll send it to you.


    I understand that a server merge is in progress which should help with the lack of population. 


    The chat UI is horrible, hoping that being on a populated server will help, but jeez it's hard doing anything but running around by myself (still low level toons, but getting VERY bored). 

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