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Firewall Frenzy

narfinarfi Member UncommonPosts: 178

Firewall Frenzy is the name of the new set of events announced yesterday by Tenacity from Neverdie Studios.

Article: Firewall Frenzy Coming Soon!

Firewall Frenzy

It is basically a 6 part event with 1 winner for each part.

There will be a highest Global and a Most Globals event for each of the 3 main professions.

Most Globals

The restrictions are that they must take place in HELL on Rocktropia and that the Crafting event is limited to Rocktropia Blueprints only.

The rewards look pretty sweet and include New Armor and Blueprints for Crafting the New Armor.

Firewall Armor

Firewall Armor Blueprints

Here is a video for their event which includes video footage of the new armor in action.

I must admit Firewall Frenzy looks like fun, and the armor looks pretty good. (I guess we will have to wait and see what the stats on them are though)

Firewall Frenzy on Vimo

Firewall Frenzy from Tenacity on Vimeo.

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