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Any other games like this?

I've been playing VC for about 2 months now. After finally inching my way up to a level 5 battleship, I've decided that this game is just too grindy for me. After playing this long i just feel like this game is a whole lot of tedious grinding for mediocre rewards. I really want to know of any other games like this one. I have heard of Pirates of the Burning Sea, and I may get that now that it is free to play. But I'd like to know of any other alternatives. Google search seems to just be finding me browser based games.


  • AELARASAELARAS Member UncommonPosts: 24

    i played vco for 2 years and recently i joined potbs...and found the top pirate game till now in existance.its an eve at sea.for me my 2 best mmorpg games right now are eve and potbs.

  • seraphimz100seraphimz100 Member Posts: 6
    i been trying to talk my VCO friends into joining pirates of the burning sea with me for months now....lol they wont do it because they have spent thousands in the VCO cash shop
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