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Hardcore Death Penalty

MertzaSkertzMertzaSkertz Member UncommonPosts: 161



I am looking for a game where death is brutal. I do not want to play a game that you die and then 10 seconds later you respawn and back to playing. A few examples I have seen are EVE Online and Shaiya. Through my understanding in EVE Online you lose your ship if you die in the game. In Shaiya you can set the difficulty higher and you are more powerful, but their is permadeath. 

I am just looking for a few more examples.


  • stromp45stromp45 Member UncommonPosts: 159

    Been a long time when i played EQ but it use to be where you could lose your lv and all your gear if you couldnt get back to your body . I remember a 14 hour cr run in the plane of growth didnt think we would ever get our gear back

  • MertzaSkertzMertzaSkertz Member UncommonPosts: 161



    I think that would be cool and all, but I feel like EQ is showing its age now.

  • SeinaruSeinaru Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 109

    Darkfall has open world full loot PvP. That's pretty brutal.

  • seraphis79seraphis79 Member UncommonPosts: 312

    Gonna have to agree with the above poster.  If you are looking for a harsh death penalty, your best bet now is a full pvp game.  I believe Lineage 2 has a bit of a death penalty through xp loss and someone already mentioned EQ.  DDO has some guilds that run permadeath groups if you are interested in something like that. 

    Unfortunately the risk involved with the newer games just aren't there as far as PvE deaths go.  You die, you rez, you continue on about your way.  It even a nice form of fast travel in some instances. 

    Self-enforced permadeath in your favorite game may be the best way to go? ? ?  I'm curious to see what games people mention because I would like to know as well. 

  • MertzaSkertzMertzaSkertz Member UncommonPosts: 161

    I do not necessarily want it to be easy to die, I just want the penalty to be much more harsh for everyone. I do not like the idea of me deleting my own character unless their is a reward for choosing permadeath. I would prefer if everyone in the game would have to abide by those kind of punishing rules.

  • treyu86treyu86 Member UncommonPosts: 269

    Darkfall Online is your game. When you die, you lose ALL you have with you, equipment, items, potions, gold, etc etc, and you can be looted by other playres (or return to where you died and get all back if you are lucky). You can kill others players and get their loot or be the one killed :) Pretty brutal if you think about it. Also, Darkfall has many great features like clan built cities, city sieges, politics between clans, great PvE AI, great FPS combat system, no levels, skill system (a bit grindy to raise your skills but you can also train offline now and everything levels now much much faster than before). They are going to relaunch the game sometime after summer with a more improved game, less grind etc too.


    The same can be done in Mortal Online, but the game has much less features than Darkfall and it is in a much beta stage at the moment.

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