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Quest nodes killed the exploration star



  • Creslin321Creslin321 Member Posts: 5,359

    Originally posted by odinsrath

    Originally posted by Milkopilko

    Someone has already mentioned probably but Guild Wars 2 is totally fixing this.

    Early playtesting of Guild Wars 2 involved wow players walking around seeing cool things happening around them, but since the game hadn't TOLD them to do them, they just ignored them.

    True explorer types had a lot of fun and thought it was the best game ever.

    To help the wow players they've since introduced the scout system where an npc can show you where nearby events are and give you information about them, enough to prod the people who really need to be told to do something like they are in previous mmos.

    It has also been stated that there are plenty of back alleys and passageways that can be found by exploring. Events can be triggered from more hidden locations, and other cool things can be found.

    I think anyone who is sceptical of this part of Guild Wars 2 is just ignorant, Arenanet has no reason to lie to us.

    lol @ true explorer types had a lot of fun and thought it was the best thing ever

    "says the wow players" ?

    i think your missing the point..most of use are NOT wanting scout systems..teleporters..icons / messages accross the screen saying what event is happening..things like this are killing exploration..not to mention the small mmo worlds your droped in

     Why does teleportation or instant travel hurt exploration?  UO probably had the best exploration of any MMORPG I played and it the most permissive instant travel system as well.

    I played Darkfall that had no instant travel, so you had to huff it whenever you wanted to get from one city to another.  EQ was very similar in this regard.  What I learned from this is that when I am TRAVELING, I am not really EXPLORING.  Instead, I'm just walking, it's incredibly boring and takes forever.  When I'm trying to get to another city in DF or EQ where dying means I have to start all the way over, I'm really not interested in exploring, I want the safest trip possible.

    All instant travel does is get rid of the time you spend walking when you want to move to another location.  If I want to explore, I'm going to explore.  Instant travel just helps me get to the place I want to start exploring from faster.

    Are you team Azeroth, team Tyria, or team Jacob?

  • NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

    one of the big things Free Realms got right -- was exploration


    there were no quests to explore the world

    but there were "shinies" to be found in obscure locations as you explored the world

    completing a shiny collection would reward reward the player with an appearance outfit and achievement


    Guild Wars is another online game that had achievements for exploring all of the world


    I dont really count WOW explore achievement -- is more a "Drive by" the zone  heh

    but in GW and Free Realms, you had to do alot of exploring to either uncover all unexplored areas or find hidden spots

  • MilkopilkoMilkopilko Member Posts: 28

    @MumboJumbo fair enough man. It's ultimately an issue of trust. Failing to deliver on promises is rarely a good marketting choice though, especially when they know they have such a hardcore fanbase.

  • NixishNixish Member UncommonPosts: 185

    I have nothing else to contribute but


    80s music > all

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