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Solaris, a multi-gaming clan with a long history in MMOs is now recruiting for The Old Republic. We began in Age of Conan, where our roster of 70+ were one of the first clans on a PvP server to hit a Tier 3 city and lead in PvP dominance. We continued onto WAR and WoW, where we continued in our PvP success. Due to the lack of quality MMOs, we retired the clan after WoW, waiting for TOR to come close to release.

Our leadership also has extensive leadership experience in Star Wars MMOs, founding and leading Veritas Imperius (VI) on the Naritus server. During NGE, we became the most successful PvP clan on our server, leading to a Rebel boycott of PvP for weeks. We take that same experience with new perspectives into TOR PvP. 

What makes Solaris most unique is our perspective on "Hardcore PvP". Unlike most guilds that label themselves Hardcore, we don't mandate extensive playtime requirements. We like to see people on regularly, and want people to participate in guild events as much as they comfortably can. However, when we organize for PvP or PvE endgame content, we will play at the highest level, focusing on a mastery of game mechanics, min-maxing of gear and abilities, and organization through communication and command. All our members can commit varying levels of time to the game, but what is constant is the intense level of skill they bring to the game. We expect nothing less than the best when it comes to PvP and raiding.

PvP Goals and Requirements

Our goal is to become the premier Empire PvP guild on the server we choose. As a hardcore PvP guild, we will participate in premade PvP groups, world PvP as the game allows, and any other avenue TOR offers. We expect our members to play at the top performance level possible, researching their class mechanics, optimizing their gear and showing up ready to play. In addition, we require-

  • Working headset and Ventrilo

  • Regular gametime and PvP participation

  • PvP experience in previous MMOs

  • Participation on our forums

  • Pre-Order is a Plus

PvE Goals

Our focus is on top-tier PvP content, but we also have a passion for PvE content, specifically raiding as well. We're not going to be a five day a week progression guild, but we will raid at least two nights a week, mainly to get gear to supplement our PvP gear, and for the challenge it presents. TOR's PvE previews so far seem to offer some exciting content, and with the raid leadership and progression experience of our members, we believe we can maintain a dominant force in PvP, while also enjoying difficult PvE content.


We are currently recruiting players of all classes on the Empire faction. In addition to the specific gameplay requirements listed above, we expect members to act like mature members of a community and treat others with respect, even in face of disagreement. Solaris does not tolerate drama, and will kick members if they create it. We also expect members to treat players of other clans, and our server community in general, with an ethic of professionalism. We pride ourselves on a reputation we build as talented players who don't gloat about our accomplishments, and don't want that reputation tarnished.

Our website is If you are interested in becoming part of a truly unique and extremely successful clan, head there, register for an account, head to our TOR recruitment forums and copy and paste the application template into a new thread that is filled out. We will evaluate it quickly and respond to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, PM me here, on our website or email me via the Contact Us button on Solaris' website.



  • PhoenixariaPhoenixaria Member Posts: 12

    Still actively recruiting players of every class!  Come join one of the best PvP communities in gaming.

  • PhoenixariaPhoenixaria Member Posts: 12

    We're still actively recruiting!

  • TheJodaTheJoda Member UncommonPosts: 572

    Thats one way to recruit. 



    Death to the Jedi ORDER!

    ....Being Banned from MMORPG's forums since 2010, for Trolling the Trolls!!!

  • VinterkrigVinterkrig Member UncommonPosts: 1,742

    hardcore pvp huh?

  • PhoenixariaPhoenixaria Member Posts: 12

    Hardcore PvP is the only way to go.  Our new website is up at  Check us out.

  • PhoenixariaPhoenixaria Member Posts: 12

    Welcome to our new member, Slashd!

  • PhoenixariaPhoenixaria Member Posts: 12

    Welcome to our newest members, Agent Sedation, Thrawn and AirBrushed!

  • morbuskabismorbuskabis Member Posts: 290

    As a PVP Guild, why don't you play a PVP game like Prime?

    image -Massive-Industries- Heavy Duty

  • PhoenixariaPhoenixaria Member Posts: 12

    We don't play Prime because we're Star Wars fans, Bioware fans and believe TOR will be the best designed MMO to come out in years.  Other MMOs may have more hardcore PvP, but setting and development team support is more important to us.  TOR will have more than enough PvP for us to compete at the level we're looking to.

  • PhoenixariaPhoenixaria Member Posts: 12

    Welcome to our newest members Rose and  Muddywaters!

  • PhoenixariaPhoenixaria Member Posts: 12

    Still actively recruiting talented players!  We've updated the FAQ on our website.  Check it out today.

  • joeri123joeri123 Member UncommonPosts: 246

    Ah US, to bad :/. Good luck though.

  • Covet78Covet78 Member UncommonPosts: 149

    IMO it's going to be hard to find hardcore pvp in SWTOR. I wish there was going to be, but that's not their design.

    Either way,

    Good luck to you.

  • PhoenixariaPhoenixaria Member Posts: 12

    We've expanded our Vent to a 25 man server.  PM myself or any Officer today to get Vent access and hang out with us, learn more about the guild, and begin your process into joining one of the best PvP guilds in TOR.

  • PhoenixariaPhoenixaria Member Posts: 12

    Originally posted by Covet78

    IMO it's going to be hard to find hardcore pvp in SWTOR. I wish there was going to be, but that's not their design.
    Either way,
    Good luck to you.


    I doubt it'll be hard given 1.) Warfronts 2.) World PvP 3.) PvP servers and 4.) a group of talented PvPers willing to work for it.


    I appreciate the commendations though, good luck to you as well.

  • PhoenixariaPhoenixaria Member Posts: 12

    Welcome to our newest members, Xydias, Eminence and Goblin!

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