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Your Top Five MMORPG's

AkiyeAkiye Member Posts: 109

What are the 5 favorite mmos you have played, or just top few if you have not played a whole lot.

1 Lord of the Rings Online Not really a big LOTR fan but this game is really fun. I love sploring the worlds leveling the different classes etc etc

2 Asherons CaLL First MMO i ever played many fun times with my friends justmessing around sploring

3 World of Warcraft. I liked this game a lot for a couple years, but have not played since midway through Wrath of the Lich King. Im sure I just got tired of it.

4 FF online. This was arouind my 3rd mmo. Fun game, but friends left and i started to find it harder to find groups to do stuff.

5 DAOC I found this game a bit enjoyable. However, i did not start till it had already been out for sometime and found it hard to really get much done. Friends left shortly after we started so that did not help.

I guess 1-3 are a bit hard to dethrone with the other 2 pretty easy to take out with another fun and exciting mmo. Anyways, so what are yours? What are your hopefulls? My hopefull is the next LOTRO xpac.


  • seeyouspacec0wboyseeyouspacec0wboy Member UncommonPosts: 714

    Final Fantasy XI: First MMO, still has more depth and sense of community than most.

    World of Warcraft pre TBC: Spent most of my MMO career here.

    Vanguard: Followed this game drooling, it came out and I loved it despite it's pitalls. So much wasted potential.

    Everquest 2: Loved the graphics, classes, first game with so much voice acting which really added to immersion.

    Darkfall: They tried really hard.

    Originally posted by Scagweed22
    is it the graphics? the repetativenesses? i mean what is the point? you could be so much more productive in real life
    Real life brings repetition and pointlessness too. The only thing real life offers is Great graphics. Its kinda expensive too and way to dependent on the cash shop. Totally pay to win as well. No thank you. Ill stick to my games.

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