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New but not really improved? What "progress" did you dislike in mmos

ajp29ajp29 Member Posts: 35

Like the title, what are some things you found were sold to you as progress and turned out to not really help.


For me i will say


Phasing in world of warcraft.  It made the game feel like a poorly made single player rpg with gimicky quests.  I rarely if ever talked to anyone outside of the main cities, because the world was vacant.  


LFD finder.  It sounded good on paper if you didnt think about it.  Then you realise that there is no accountability because you can kill a group and not get punished.  People ninja loot, and the sense of a comunity with players you see every day felt really hurt.  Now lots of games add the feature.  What happened to mmos having multiplayer elements where you talked to people?


Keep in mind this is  not a i hate wow thread.  Those were the first two i can think of.

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