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New FPS MMO...?????

JackDanobaJackDanoba Member Posts: 7

ive been playing battleswarm for some time but the game is in the dumps due to lack of players...great game great setup but takes forever to get into a game....any one have any suggestions...

i want something with the ranking and PVP type arena then maybe RTS vs FPS ingame...idk ive been looking but cant find anything else...please anyone.


  • TriadninjaTriadninja Member Posts: 111

    A game your looking for doesnt really exist in MMO form. However, I can suggest games to you that might peak your interest for the Shooter MMO fix.


    Games already out:


    Global Agenda


    Both of these games are third person MMOs, and both are free to play. Global Agenda might give you the arena type matches you want. Definitely check them out.


    Games not out but worth looking at:

    Planetside 2



    I'm keeping an eye out on these two, both are going to be MMO FPS games.

  • IchmenIchmen Member UncommonPosts: 1,228

    wow i havent played battleswarm since alpha/cb lol..

    there are not many RTS/FPS style games as most would rather have a standard MMO or FPS-mmo rts-mmo  not hybrid..


    if you do try APB i would wait until after their next massive update... cause its overhauling a wack of stuff... but its just a thirdperson shooter not really a rts/fps :/ 

  • JackDanobaJackDanoba Member Posts: 7

    ive been wanting to check out global agenda for a while but wating for my new computer....my xps cant handle anything more lol...battleswarm is an awsome game just no one plays..love it though....

    i just like the FPS play with a mmo feel like the ranking and unlocks its fun and keeps you playing.....they need to make more....i was checking out mercenary wars a while back it was kinda like a mmo fps but lost intrest with hacking and what not...

    they one i wanted to play for sure was Blackshot...but its not avaliable in USA for some reason idk why....

    thanks for the post ill check em out.....

    anything else anyone finds please let me know....winters coming soon and well i need a game to get lost in lol... thanks

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