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Opinions? Pre-cata talents vs now

TolmosTolmos Member UncommonPosts: 141

I originally bought WoW the month it came out. I kept my subscription live from then non-stop until a week after cata. I haven't played since.

I quit partly due to burning out (played a LONG time), so this isn't really a rant thread. However, I have to say that (at the time) the tiny push I needed to finally cancel my sub came in the form of the new talent trees. See, I am a MAJOR fan of having customization for your character. So when I saw the new talent system, it felt like the customization of the game had not just been dumbed down but rather flat out murdered. It felt like every character would be one of 3 duplicate builds (with maybe a 5 to 10 point talent difference between each, at most). So, I left.

Its been a few months and I've become curious how everyone has become accustomed to the new system. I figure most of you have had time to get pretty well as used to it as you would have to the 51 point system, so I came to ask: what do you think of it? How is customization these days? Was I just overreacting and there is still plenty of customization/character build diversity out there, or do most folks run one of three to five builds and that's it?

Any info would be great.


  • onlinenow25onlinenow25 Member UncommonPosts: 305

    If you really thought people where customized with their talent specs before Cata your are sadly mistaken.


    There was a cookie cutter build for every single class and class build.  Why?  Because they where all the best.

  • krondinkrondin Member UncommonPosts: 106

    You pose a good question. I too left WoW back in Jan of this year after 5 years of playing it due to the "dumbing" down of the talent tree's. I am curious as to what all the responses will be to this......

    Since leaving WoW, i am playing Rift which has a Huge player diversity in talent tree's/builds and loving it!

  • DanbaccaDanbacca Member UncommonPosts: 247

    Originally posted by onlinenow25

    If you really thought people where customized with their talent specs before Cata your are sadly mistaken.


    There was a cookie cutter build for every single class and class build.  Why?  Because they where all the best.


    It's always been that way in WoW that i can recall. Maybe 2 to 3 point wiggle room in all classes and that's it.

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    thrue blizzard removed the choice of full hybrid build.but in rage of fire they included pvpve in the form of daily that in my view is very fun but as everything they forgot one aspect

    server faction

    on ilidan for exemple you got a horde server with a few allies sprinkled in between,so when you got in that pvpve area you get crushed by the sheer number of horde good thing the pve aspect in that area (at least in the start zone)isnt too twitchy!)i highly doubt we ll see blizzard try to balance the game but it is a shame cause i played there and i can say it is fun and would be even more so if server faction were balanced ,it can be done check aion they did balance faction.but you have to be willing to do it!

    so for me since rage of fire was released the game got a very good improvement!

    why arent i playing anymore?server balance!

  • AzrileAzrile Member Posts: 2,582

    I think there are three different areas of the new talent trees


    1.  Being unique -   This did not change at all.  You still have roughly the same number of ´wiggle room´ talents as you had before.  In the past, you had more options, but they were mostly very bad options.   I do think the devs failed a bit here because they spent a lot of time and effort on the new trees, it was a golden opportunity to allow more customization.   But while they failed to make things better in this regard, they certainly didn´t make them worse.   B minus

    2.  Removing boring, add mastery -   This was a positive.  I think Masteries are overall very good..   It is hard to remember back to Vanilla, but right now, most specs are very different, and yet mostly all viable.  While people will complain about their spec being 5% below some other spec.. this is peanuts compared to vanilla when usually only 1 spec ever was viable.  B plus

    3.  New player experience, level 10 -   This area really shines.  Anyone remember the old days playing a spec like feral?  You would put your first 10 to 15 points into the feral tree, but you ended up playing as a balance druid.   Same thing with shaman.   Level 10 is awesome now.. you choose your spec and you start playing like that spec.    You get class defining abilities at lvl 10, and you start immediately getting talents that improve those abilities.  A plus

    The biggest disappointment is just with #1.. they really should have gone back through all of the trees and added 5 or so more useful talents that required some real desicion making. 

  • HyperbeamHyperbeam Member Posts: 124

    The primary reason IMO for the talent changes was to suit the developers, not really the players.  The idea was that with WoW having less resources, (with people being moved over to Titan, D3, SCII Next chapter), they wanted to simplify the talent tress so they'd require less tweaking. This was the reason why everything feels quite hamoginised and not many classes got, 'awesome new stuff', they instead got mimics of other classes abilites.


    The irony is there is still a buff/nerf culture in the game and Ghostcrawler still spends most of time arguing with people about numbers and then contradicting himself in the next patch notes.  Oh well, it got tiresome for me as well in the end. 

  • PalebanePalebane Member RarePosts: 4,011

    I liked the old ones better. I had a pretty sweet hybrid setup that fit very well with my playstyle. It wasn't optimal, but it fit me much better than the optimal ones that most players were using. That just isn't really possible anymore. You can tweek a few things here and there, but it's pretty much all the same as anyone else with the same spec, in my opinion.

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