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problem with my mouse?

abyss610abyss610 Member Posts: 1,131
power went out earlier, and now my mouse is lagging all over the place. only my wireless one is lagging tho, the corded one works fine any suggestions?
cpu usage is at like 1% checked that first, plays games and everything else fine.


  • psyclumpsyclum Member Posts: 792

    old battery?:)

  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 21,821

    Use the wired mouse?

    Get a UPS?

    I assume that you've tried rebooting the computer and replacing the batteries.

  • abyss610abyss610 Member Posts: 1,131
    i tried replacing the battery no go there, rebooted several times
  • psyclumpsyclum Member Posts: 792

    some older wireless mouse would have corroded contacts for battery.  sometimes you need to take a peice of sandpaper and clean out the oxidation from the battery contact points.   aside from that...   you can try redownloading the mouse driver and reinstall the driver.  maybe it got corrupted?   

  • abyss610abyss610 Member Posts: 1,131
    no it isn't very old just got it like maybe 6 months ago still looks like new
  • abyss610abyss610 Member Posts: 1,131
    eh plugged it into the little extension cord that came with the Magic jack and the lag went away for some reason...
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