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questions about Aion.

OnigodOnigod Member UncommonPosts: 756

I am thinking about giving Aion a shot again after seeing what they added and changed to the game and saw the grind is gone.


- Ive seen they added alot of endgame content and that in Aion 3.0 they will add more but is it enough?

- I like pvp and it is a very important thing for me in any mmo but pvp must have a meaning is there any good meaning now that wants you to participate in pvp? (land control,rewards,other things?)

- I hated how they promoted flying before the game launched while it afterall was very restricted to certain areas. Is that changed now?


From what ive seen/read sofar it could be that Aion is now at the state everyone expected it to be when it launched the upgraded gfx made the game look top notch and 3.0 will improve it even more and in my opinion giving it the best gfx sofar in any mmorpg.

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