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Tribal Trouble 2 Beta key give away

xeraxxerax Member UncommonPosts: 74

I logged on today and got myself a tribal trouble 2, beta key from mmorpg

When i went to set up the account  it told me by beta key was invalid, its not possible to even make a forums account for the game without the beta key so support from the developers is impossible, all seems pretty ridiculous to me.

Any ideas anyone?


  • Alexutzu1Alexutzu1 Member UncommonPosts: 4

    Same thing here . Got my beta key , tried to create an account , but it wont work : Beta Key Invalid. So ive registered on another site to get a different Beta Key ....guess what : Beta Key ... Invalid . No im trying to get my hands upon a new third beta key and try again , if it does not work , is the game producers fault.


    Guide for Beta Key Use :

    For those who have problems with their betakeys:

    1. Go to the gamesamba website at

    2. Register your account there ( for this you don’t need Beta Key )

    3. Get back to the Tribal Trouble 2 register accont ( or you can directly click HERE )  , click the page  on which betakey didn’t work at the beginning

    4. Instead of registering account click the option "Already have a GameSamba account, login with your key HERE. ” ( or Click the "Here" HyperLink from my guide )

    5. J ust write your account name and password  from  the GameSamba accountand  then enter your Beta Key (It should be valid here)

    6. You will be taken to the Trible Trouble 2 website where (again) one has to write the e-mail  and the  password!

    I hope it will work for you as it did for me :)

    Happy playing !

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