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More screen flickering problems

NagelFireNagelFire Member Posts: 409

So I made a thread on this a couple weeks, ago... and I sorta half fixed the problem.

This all started when I got a second monitor.


The problem was that the clock rate on the video card was too low when the video card was "idling" and it caused the screen to flicker whenever anything was done on it. ( youtube videos).

I downloaded the AMD GPU clock tool and when I set the clocks to something a little higher, it fixes the flickering problem.  I have it set to 450 and it stops the flickering whenever I load youtube videos or something.  However, when I set custom clocks in the amd gpu clock tool it resets my fan speed, and I do not think that the video card changes its clocks when it is playing a game. ( So I would be playing a game with a clock rate of 460).


If I use something like AMD overdrive or MSI Afterburner, the problem comes back.  Once I open these programs and do any type of change the flickering problem returns, but then goes away when I custom set the clocks in the clock tool again.. but then come back when I need the fan speeds higher and I have to open any other program... its a vicious cycle.


How can I fix this problem?



  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 7,234

    Honestly, aside from DriverSweep or going with a clean Windows install, I can't think of anything you haven't tried aside from a different video card ><

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