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stay away from G Skill SSD's

psyclumpsyclum Member Posts: 792

mine just died after 10 days of usage.(drive doesn't show up in bios)   after reading reviews from newegg, it seems to be a common problem.   it appears that they have poor QA when it comes to SSD's or just put out the drive even tho they know there is a firmware issue. 

kinda disappointed with them since i've used their RAM products before and had no issues with them.  so, i had no issues with ordering G Skill instead of OCZ or corsair.   I guess i should have done more research on them before i ordered them.   (psst quizzy this is partly your fault:D  it was your link that i followed;p)  J/K ;D

but if you read through all of the reviews on newegg for G Skill SSD's, you'll find the failure rate is significantly higher then other manufactures that puts out the exact same product (corsair force115)


  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    leave it pluged,mine hickuped and a week later came back online when i tried to log using my regular hdd!

  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 23,301

    My dad had an SSD disappear from the BIOS.  It turns out that the SATA cable was loose.  Unplugging it and plugging it back in fixed the problem.

    I had an SSD disappear from the BIOS.  That ended up being a BIOS glitch, where if you plug in a USB flash drive while the computer is off, it covers up the BIOS spot for something else.  I don't remember what I ended up doing to fix that, but it might have involved unplugging the USB flash drive.  Plugging it in after Windows had loaded caused no such problems.

    So just because a drive disappears from the BIOS doesn't automatically mean that the drive is dead.  Start by reseating both ends of the SATA cable.  You may also want to plug the drive into a different SATA port.  Also reseat the power cable that goes to the SSD, and perhaps try using a different SATA power connector.

    Furthermore, even if an SSD does die outright, it doesn't necessarily disappear from the BIOS.  I know that both OCZ and Intel SSDs have had problems where the drive would die and the BIOS could still see it, but the SSD just wouldn't work.

    That said, it is possible for SSDs to fail, just like it is possible for hard drives to fail.  And they can fail no matter what brand you buy from.  One study found that OCZ actually had the worst SSD failure rate of the major vendors, with around 3% failing within the first six months.  Intel was the only SSD vendor that was substantially better than OCZ, though, and that was likely because at the time of the study, Intel hadn't released any new SSDs in a long time, so they had presumably worked out the bugs by then.  The failure rate for brand new products tends to be higher.

    For what it's worth, both OCZ and Corsair have done some shenanigans with their SSDs that they really shouldn't have.  If G.Skill has done anything analogous, I haven't picked up on it.

    Also, reviews on New Egg don't necessarily give you a good indication of the actual failure rates.  Someone who buys an SSD and has it just work will probably never bother to write a review.  Someone who has an SSD fail is a lot more likely to be motivated to go write a review.  So a 5% failure rate can easily lead to half of the reviews saying the product died.  For that matter, a 1% failure rate can lead to 5% of buyers thinking that the SSD failed even though something else is the problem, and then half of the reviews saying that the product died.

  • psyclumpsyclum Member Posts: 792

    yah did all the troubleshooting.  tested the drive on 2 different machines and in various combinations.   even hooked it up to one of those sata to usb adapters...  no go.  definately a dead drive...    as for the drive coming back to life if i leave it plugged it, i'd rather just get it RMA'ed now since it's only 2 weeks old rather then hope it would come back...  tho i'm having issues now with trusting a G skill drive after being RMA'ed.   I suppose i can just make it  a game drive rather then an OS drive.

    disappointing tho. i've never had problems with G Skill memory products in the past.   thought they'd be better at their QA checks. 

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