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Considering GA but i have a few questions

panachepanache Member UncommonPosts: 397

Hi i'm on the look out for a sci fi mmo and have a few questions about Global Agenda.

If i bought the retail boxed version would it still work? i know from experience that some retail boxed versions of game like WAR once installed would take you to servers which didnt exist anymore so would cause problems.

I care about the appearance of my characters do all characters end up looking like robots when armoured up and with no facial features etc?

Does it have more depth that it first appears or is it mainly a FPS with bells and whistles attached?

Is it primarily a PVP game or can one chose to PVE without it getting old quickly?

Is the game world varied or just mainly PVP zones?

Thanks in advance for any help :)



  • WinnTechWinnTech Member UncommonPosts: 71

    I played GA for about 3-4 months when it first dropped. I loved it for 3 3/4 months. I stopped for a while since the dungeons get really repetitive (and I mean REALLY). Then Sandstorm dropped and I tried it again and was less than impressed with the expansion. I never tried the PvP aspect, but more people who I game with did and they loved it.

    We all ran into the same issue, the game gets really repetitive. Once you strip away all the fine print, the game is a PvP game with a dungeon findergrinder. I really wanted to like this game, but in the end the repetition got the best of me and I quite playing and uninstalled it. Its a great PvPer but nothing more than the other hundreds of PvP shooters that are coming out. GA is an example of a great game with limited options.


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