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You know, its like bag full of candys

TorschenTorschen Member Posts: 78

WoW is not my first mmorpg, it just got me hooked for many months. Now what comes to this Cataclysm (after long break again), I can see some aging, or maybe fault in the core. I play only on pvp servers, as it makes it meaningful, propably I should have been all the time in role-playing ones, but cant help it now. I still love warcraft lore. Now I am not sure if the storyline is still good or if its broken, I cannot remember all the characters and episodes of this now rather large universe (lorewise).

The problem is of course that if you try to follow the so-called storyline, it always follows the formula collect5-kill10-kill boss. With tasks like these I see no reason to even read what q giver tells. This is not right. Ofc many, if not majority gives a flying fuck what q givers say, as the main point is to get to max lvl then get gear then raid/pvp.

Problem again is when you try to relate to characters. Alexstrasza is a magnificent character, she should be so eerie you could not quite grasp it. Now when she fights Deathwing, and I have the opportunity to help, I really feel like I like to do that.  Only the way quests are made make it all feel artificial.

Now the matter of graphics. It should not matter.  But like in Uldum, where characters play out in my opinion genuinely comical episode of camoulaging as magnataurs (or what they are),  the engine just cannot do it with decency. It is just plain sad.

Honestly, with all due respect, I feel WoW has almost run its course now. I love the brilliant writers there but unless something is done soon the world-famous mmorpg will see a decline.

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