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Fair warning from a global agenda vet

treysmoothtreysmooth Member UncommonPosts: 648

I've been playing the game since closed beta 1 and honestly for all its faults the game has been a great ride.  Far different than traditional fps/tps or mmo models I have loved the combat in pvp through all the changes.  I wasnt' exactly happy with the turn to free to play but understood it would at least allow for a constant flow of new players.  Things were decent even after the free to play but eventually this seems to happen to all f2p games the hackers have invaded. 

In the past hackers did attempt to invade but Hi  rez was quick to ban so that though the aimbot utility was around it was usually only a matter of time before the offender was banned.  Unfortuantly the combination of the company moving on to Tribes universe along with 2 other projects has left global agenda with less support it seems.


  • VulskoVulsko Member Posts: 80

    So you are assuming people cheat, just because it's a free to play title?

  • treysmoothtreysmooth Member UncommonPosts: 648

    Originally posted by Vulsko

    So you are assuming people cheat, just because it's a free to play title?

    No man I've been around the game from the closed beta til now, the turn to free to play has brought a group of people that decided to take their chances using the aimbot utility that is known to exist.  with the increase in players hi rez hasn't been as successful banning them as before..  Season 1 I was in the number one alliance in the game I know talent verses hacks.  I'm giving fair warning to those that enter the game fresh.  The game is still alot of fun but there are those that you should be aware of and report if you catch them cheating.

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