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Guardians of Paladine Recruiting - Mal'Ganis

haidonghaidong Member Posts: 12


An up and coming World of Warcraft guild the Guardians of Paladine is now accepting applications. We play on the central Mal'Ganis server and are an Alliance guild. We are a mature friendly guild comprised of some long time gamers. Our guild is currently small but we are hoping to increase our numbers. We are very proffessional and seek to provide the best game environement for everyone arround us. We will also be actively participating Raids and other PvP events. We hope to rise to be one of the top guilds on our server. We are seeking players who can spend time online daily and contribute to our guild.

If you like a friendly atmosphere, people to help you out, and want a true purpose in game come to us.

Please visit for more information and you can fill out an application on our forums.

We hope to hear from you soon!


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