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techincal problems with lineage 2

FourswordsFourswords Member Posts: 8

well i got the game installed it ran the auto patch while i slept, got up in the morning ran the game i get into the game yay it works few seconds later loads of multi coloured bars appear over the screen, i close down the game ( the game doesnt crash ) i think hmm ok i update all drivers direct x mother board drivers ajust the game settings, i installed service pack 2 and all relevant updates from microsfot. i am now just unistalling the game and reinstalling it ( god dam auto patch again) is there anything else i can try?

thanks alot


  • BigPeelerBigPeeler Member Posts: 1,270
    Which graphic card are you using?

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  • FourswordsFourswords Member Posts: 8
    radeon 9800 pro 128mb

  • solnicarissolnicaris Member Posts: 148

    Make sure you have the latest drivers installed think they are on 4.12 for Catalyst Drivers. And make sure you have Direct X9.0b installed as well. You probably already did it but run the Full Check on the L2 client.

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  • FourswordsFourswords Member Posts: 8
    i installed dirext x 9.0c  and the latest catalystdrivers they had on the website =/, i rang the producer of my pc and he said he thinks the grphics card is faulty so its back with him now being repaired= / thanks laot ofr help tho

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