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Swifty Unbanned

WhiteCrossWhiteCross Member Posts: 120

Looks like Swifty is "unbanned" now.


Not in a bad way, but I really care. Stopped playing WoW a month after Cata.


Weird thing is how the video was edited.

The video implies Swifty is sitting through the who episode and then gets hit with the Banhammer. He's saying something like "wow, we took down the server".  Then something like "we didn't intend to take down the server".


But in the running video he's wearing 3 different shirts. 3 different shirts in one sitting? At the end he's wearing a black shirt with crap on it, reading how he got banned. Then He is sitting talking about how he got banned "last night" and only got a few hours sleep with the same crappy black shirt on.


Who knows what really happened with his happy fingers and editing machine.


  • SioBabbleSioBabble Member Posts: 2,803

    Pretty hard to reproduce what actually happened when you can virtually edit the "record" of the event to reflect your current storyline, now isn't it?

    "He who controls the present, controls the past.  He who controls the past, controls the future."

    CH, Jedi, Commando, Smuggler, BH, Scout, Doctor, Chef, BE...yeah, lots of SWG time invested.

    Once a denizen of Ahazi

  • JimmacJimmac Member UncommonPosts: 1,667

    This Swifty guy is the most popular guy in the universe apparently. 

  • logun24x7logun24x7 Member Posts: 7

    Just how massive is a massively multi-player game anyway? Invite a few friends but not too many or you’ll get banned …. LOL  

    Banning Swifty was just dumb, the guy promotes the game for crying out loud Blizzard should be giving him a Job if he can still organize enough players to come together in one spot to take down the server….LOL ….sound like great fun … hey Blizzard ganking is part of the game …hehe.


    I actually recently re-subed largely because of Swifty’s videos on youtube and his support of the Razor products.


    I’m glad Blizzard came to their senses and unbanned the guy, but I’m afraid that this has drawn so much attention to this flaw in Blizzard’s server load handling there will now be a string of flash Mob malicious attacks.  

    Good Luck Bliz

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