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A question about Swifty

ukgnomeukgnome Member Posts: 3

I have been playing wow for a long time, about two months after it was released, I was playing on the eu realm Runetotem when the gates of ahn'qiraj were opened, more or less the whole server turned up (even though they were opened in the day) the lag was terrible, the server crashed more times than you could think, but yet it was still a great event.

Now what is the difference between Blizz allowing that, encouraging that and making the content such, that it was always going to happen while the content was still relevant on every server, and Swifty (a player) organising an event which people had a good time, but  the servers could'nt cope?

I understand that other peoples gameplay may have been affected, but at the time the gates of ahn'qiraj were opened on runetotem (and many many more servers back in 2006 or so) Blizz did'nt seem to mind about it then why the uproar now, when one/some of thier players organise an event and have a great time?


  • waynejr2waynejr2 Member EpicPosts: 7,768

    The whole server didn't show up on the first servers at the gate.  Blizzy in fact made changes to prevent certain players from going into that zone and or porting them out.  So people logging out with low level characters to watch the event got booted.  

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  • ukgnomeukgnome Member Posts: 3

    ok maybe not the whole server but 100's and 100's  of people.

  • ukgnomeukgnome Member Posts: 3

    also, although I don't know the tech term for it - the server crash's were not in certain zones - it was the whole thing so regardless of  the level cap for spectators and them being booted from the area, the server as a whole crashed on numerous occasions. I don't see the difference. gameplay was still affected for levelling characters etc.

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