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paroxysmparoxysm Member Posts: 437

I've often repeated myself in a myriad of threads stating that Blizzard has never used their forums to their potential.  They have this huge forum for discussion that they waste.  They don't moderate it evenly.  They don't encourage it's use.  They don't drive discussions there.  They say trolling and related actions are not allowed, yet they let threads completely degrade to people posting "umadbro", "l2p", "QQ", etc without action.  Say something bad about Blizz and it'll go poof instantly though.  They don't ever advertise it in game to get people other than "the vocal minority".  They have an open line directly to their customers and they don't really use it.


This brings me to a thread I saw recently.  In this thread people are asking to get Ghoscrawler back to posting on the forums.  I found this very ironic.  When he did post, people pointed out every flaw.  They criticized him for not knowing his own game.  He had to make several follow up posts to explain what he poorly explained or stated incorrectly before.  So, now they have him doing a blog.  A coordinated, focused, cherry picked topic, blog with no way to open discussion with him.  You can take it to the forums, but you won't get a reply from him there.  The QA discussions are similarly cherry picked and glossed over with vague answers.  Will they replace those with more blogs?


Is communication so awful on the WoW forums that people actually want someone criticized constantly back just to have someone to talk to? 

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