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Faction Incentive Program - +50% experience Coins

MichielMichiel Member UncommonPosts: 235

I wanted some help from you all to solve my following problem. I made an Asmodian character on a Faction Incentive server. Meaning I received 50x coins which give me +50% experience for an hour. I received it at level 10. The website says you can use it on all your characters.


I deleted everything I had a day later; all characters et cetera so I could start fresh (reroll sickness, can't help it). This means the coins were deleted also. Now someone mentioned those coins only get handed out ONCE per account. Well I deleted them; does this 'reset' the handing out and do I get them again at level 10 or is my turn done and over and am I not getting those coins ever again? Meaning I would have to purchase a new account for $20 just to get those coins again?


I really hate the long leveling period in Aion, but those coins made it easier and I enjoyed the game a lot more. So before I shell out the $20 for a new account I would like confirmation that I'm not getting the coins at level 10 when I make a new Asmodian character. Another reason I'm asking is because I'm not planning on spending 4 hours leveling just to get to level 10 and be disappointed, hehe.


Any answers/advice you can give me would be very welcome!

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