Hello guys that still play Maple Story :)

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2 and a half years on Maple Story was something I will never forget.

Made a lot of good friends there,while grinding to lvl 200,150 and 120 on my characters.

It was a crazy time of obsession,heavy full time grinding,friends,enemies,and an ulcer.

When the new scrolls came out,I decided Maple Story wasnt for me anymore.Then Id go back and get a sick queasy feeling when I saw the alien settings.The game sort of looked so cartoonish and too big of a screen since the days I played.

Most of my friends left the game and I felt empty after hitting lvl 200.

It was like a chore to grind all that for a year and end up completely deflated.

I moved on to Battle of the Immortals in August 2010.

Had fun there until I hit lvl 112 as a slayer.Again friends quit ,events for grinding got monotonous,the cash shop was a must to continue playing.The server Atlantis was taken over by 1 guild, who didnt allow anyone access to any bosses or events.

Moved on to Uncharted Waters Online in February 2011.

Still there and having fun.The game is very detailed and there is so much to do besides playing 3 classes and having a huge amts of jobs to change to anytime.

Battles are fun land and sea,and quests are abundant.

Trading makes u lots of money. And people are pretty nice. There arent many 10 yr olds playing so its very pleasant.

Best of all its not a cash shop run game like battle of the immortals or maple story.

Check it out and you will be hooked.

Hi to all my friends from Maple Story and Boi whom I havent seen in  ages.

Im in college online and having fun :)





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