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Few Questions (Part 2)

RasereiRaserei Member UncommonPosts: 1,044

1.) Levels 1-100..... Do I just grind in spots where the monsters are my level? Or do I quest? If I were to choose, Ide rather grind..... Or is questing faster?


2.) Do monsters drop loot worth selling to players or is most of the stuff just vendored?


3.) Is there an auction house? Or is it only player shops?


4.) What are one or two easy solo characters 1-100+ ?



  • zRoflcoptorzzRoflcoptorz Member Posts: 4


    1) Grinding on monsters around your level is the best from level 13-120. The only exception is to grind on the GMS monsters, Rotting Skeletons, Scarecrows, Twisted Jesters, and MP3. Just these four monsters can get you to level 120 quicker than any other monster, but the areas are amazingly crowded.

    2) No, but certain select 70+ mobs can rarely drop an amazing item worth hundreds of millions (DARB went for over 5 billion in Windia I heard)

    3) No, mostly player shops, but players make their own custom auctions. Even if you don't have a shop, you can use the Market Entrance to sell your items and create custom auctions.

    4) Dual Bladers are the best at dealing damage, but cost real life money to max a few of their skills. Arans and Evans also do good damage, and do not require real life money. Ice/Lighting Mages, Clerics, Bandits, Battle Mages, and Wild Hunters are also good at leveling. Even though certain classes may level really fast, any class can be solo grinded to 100 in less than 80 hours of playing time.

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