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Player ganked for $60,000 in pvp



  • kwaikwai Member UncommonPosts: 825

    Originally posted by Talin

    Originally posted by thebigchin11

    this whole story is clearly BS, lets leave it.

    I have to agree on this; without clear documented proof from a reliable source, this is nonsense to me.

    I also find it interesting there are certain posters in this thread continuing to hype up the story each time it lulls, which makes me call this a deliberate attempt to draw attention to a relatively unpopular game.


    QFT on that one :)

    I only know one guy who still plays this game and has actually sunk about 50.000$ into it, how much he has earned from it i do not know, but the game it self is a money sink and not worth it, so yes i would say this is a desperate attempt to get more people into the game.

  • WraithoneWraithone Member RarePosts: 3,803

    Originally posted by alakram

    Originally posted by sungodra

    Is there a way I can make money playing this game with little investment or risk? Like farming shit all day, and whatever?

    The game is designed to make you put money on the game, even if you can technically take money out, you mostly going to "use" the money.

    For example: You deposit 10 bucks in game, you buy a pistol and ammo, you go out hunting, when you use all your ammo and you consider you finishes hunting you will probably have less than 10 bucks in loot, thats how the game works. The game is fun, but dont try to make a proffit, is almost impossible. (And I like it and play it from time to time, but I know what the game is)


    Exactly. The House always wins in the end.  I played for a while, and set myself a limit of $100.  During that time I could see how this could become rather expensive, over time (repairs ammo etc) and given that I've seen much better combat systems in other games, I decided to move on.  But I wish the game, and those who enjoy it, the best of luck. 

    "If you can't kill it, don't make it mad."
  • narfinarfi Member UncommonPosts: 178

    Originally posted by sungodra

    Is there a way that you can actually make money from hardly anything in this game? Like say i put 20-50 dollars into this game, can I somehow come out with thousands of dollars with just putting that in? Or is this just a game you sink all kinds of money into and get nothing in return?


    I wouldn't play it if I had to spend thousands and lose it all.

    You have laid out the two extreme options with no regard to the logical middle ground.

    Is it theoriticaly possible to come out with thousands after putting in 50$? yes

    Is it likely? NO

    Is it possible to put in thousands of dollars and come out with 0? yes

    Is it likely? If you are stupid, then YES


    Now that we have pointed out the extremes lets discuss the more practical middle ground.

    The best mentality to approach this game is that you will put into it what you would a subscription.

    Say you put in 25$ a month.

    Do your research and aim at breaking even, don't assume you will make alot of money because that is not logical.

    If you can play at 'break even' then your monthly deposit of 25$ (250ped) will build up and allow you to upgrade equipment when you need.

    What is the easiest way to 'break even' starting out?

    I would recomend mining on Calypso as the starting point if you are truely wanting to play for free.

    That will accomplish a few things for you.

    1. Mining resources have the most consistant markup, so its easiest to break even or profit with out experience.

    2. Mining will force you to explore the world and be a good opertunity and excuse to travel and find all of the teleporters.

    3. Mining skills add HP, so if/when you decide to hunt further down your carrier then you will have an advantage over others who start hunting.

    I played for my first 6 months without depositing a single cent and at that time had built up a collection of armor and weapons as well as my mining gear. I did this from a mixture of mining and sweating. Sweating is really not as viable an option anymore for making peds, but it is a good way to gain some skills starting out while making a couple of ped and getting to know people and the social aspects of the game.

    I would be willing to write a short starting guide if anyone was interested and gave me the bounderies with which they were willing to play.


    gl and have fun,


  • fionanshrekfionanshrek Member Posts: 104

    Originally posted by Ceridith

    Originally posted by Luv_bug

    Originally posted by Serignuad

    Originally posted by Luv_bug

    Originally posted by EverSkelly

    Sounds so fake. 60.000$, really..?

     Oh ya, there are $100,000+ armors in Entropia Universe according to my friend that plays it. Also remember they sold the guys stuff in MINUTES. Tells you how many people are willing to buy.

     I think for some of us that don't play, we want to know where the "60,000" and "100,000" numbers are coming from.

    Is this real-life currency or in-game (I can't imagine any set of in-game items being valued at 60,000, let alone 100k)?

    What determines the value?

     No its real money. Entropia is actually a licensed bank too. My understanding is the company sells the uber items, and value is determined by the "bad arseness" of the wep, armor or ship and the number of the item in the game. For example the guy was carrying a $15,000 pistol which is super strong and of which there are only 10 total in the game.

    Am I the only person who finds it absolutely insane that people are willingly playing this game and sinking hundreds if not thousands of dollars into virtual items in it?

    The point I just can't process in my head is that the company who is apparently a 'registered bank' and has full control over the currency exchange, is also selling virtual items worth thousands of dollars that they can create by replicating a few bits of data.

    It goes against all sense and logic from an economic standpoint.

     Yeah and this is about where I jump off this topic and this game and where I start to tell the politico's fighting about how to split up the country's money what they really should be looking at.

  • Jem7vwJem7vw Member Posts: 19

    Back when I played only stackables dropped(pretty sure it's the same now) and even with markups on all time highs and hall of fames I don't see how somebody could of accumulated enough in a pvp zone to have dropped $60,000.

  • narfinarfi Member UncommonPosts: 178

    Originally posted by Jem7vw

    Back when I played only stackables dropped(pretty sure it's the same now) and even with markups on all time highs and hall of fames I don't see how somebody could of accumulated enough in a pvp zone to have dropped $60,000.

    I think we have already assumed that the amount was 60k ped not 60k usd, it only seems logical even if the story is true.

    There are alot of people in the game with well over 60k ped of value in goods. Even I did last year till I withdrew it because I couldn't really justify having that much money in a game.


  • tawesstawess Member EpicPosts: 4,207

    Originally posted by neorandom

    what sort of losers play with 60 grand of real money in an mmo.


    if you want hardcore pvp drop 50 grand on body armor and a machine gun and go pvp the po po.

    Well some players have had several years to do it, by playing smart and being wise about the money... Much like in real life.


    That and ofc people who look upon 6K USD as "pocket change" and got bored of using ming vases for target practis.

    This have been a good conversation

  • narfinarfi Member UncommonPosts: 178

    Originally posted by tawess

    Originally posted by neorandom

    what sort of losers play with 60 grand of real money in an mmo.


    if you want hardcore pvp drop 50 grand on body armor and a machine gun and go pvp the po po.

    Well some players have had several years to do it, by playing smart and being wise about the money... Much like in real life.


    That and ofc people who look upon 6K USD as "pocket change" and got bored of using ming vases for target practis.

    You forgot the players who have invested that much and more in order to make a steady profit from the game. (sure they are few, but they do exist)


  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,595

    i need $100k to buy a corvette, a harley davidson, and to hire some PB bunnies... lemme log in to entropia and gank some richie rich ppl....

    with this easy money we dont need jobs... LOL

  • Luv_bugLuv_bug Member Posts: 120

    Sorry for the delay, I spoke to my boy again on monday (callback from sunday attempt) who said he STILL had not logged back on yet. I asked him if he at least got the article his bro saw, he said he hadn't. He's a casual player and a busy bottom line type of guy which may be contributing to him not giving his role in this investigation, or the investigation itself, the attention I would like him to, especially since it technically doesn't benefit him either way. He said he'd give me a call in the next day or two. I feel weird going right into this topic off the bat, but I may have to harass a little bit harder. I wish there was a paycheck waitin at the end of all this effort hehehe.

  • DojenDojen Member UncommonPosts: 134

    I'm looking to get out of this "game" fast.

    It's actually a casino (akin to a slot machine) and if the F.B.I. or the Department of Justice get wind of it they'll close access to it from the USA like they did the offshore online poker sites.

    First. No one lost $60k in PvP. Can't happen. Items which do not stack (ten thouand dollar guns--which do exist--armor and such) do not, I repeat, do not drop when you are PKed. Stackable items drop, like crafting materials, well, basically anything that can stack in your inventory (ammo and fuel stacks but is exempt and cannot drop). It's conceivable that some stackable higher end loot can drop in large enough quantities but not to the tune of $60k. Think about it. If you (MindArk) sold that much to a repeat customer, would you let him get ganked out of it? Nope. You'd be a fool if you did.

    Second. There are only a few designated PvP areas, and less PvP areas where you can actually be looted (of stackable items only) and you know you are going into them. Some of them require you to "get an injection" meaning that you have to buy a pass to enter a PvP area. There aren't that many players PvPing. I didn't see any, actually.

    I "flew" to Arkadia from Calypso and back via my VTOL with a space booster (about a 25 minute ride x 2). No one ganked me, no one cared.

    The game is set up like a slot machine. You buy ammo from the terminals which MindArk sells you. You kill mobs. The mobs drop 90% (on average) of your "money" back. It's been said you can never make money hunting, mining, and possibly even crafting (which is a huge money sink at first--think thousands of dollars). And, barring you hitting a slot jackpot, they're right. Just as you lose in a casino (unless you get lucky) you'll lose here. In the above activities.

    The only way to make money is to get it from other players (bypassing MindArk). Good luck with that. As an example, how did you do in the stock market overall?

    You can buy a Land Area for $20k (and up) but you have to know how to manage it. You can make money then, but if MindArk is letting you do it, ask yourself why? Indeed, why? Here, you give me $20k and I'll  make a game where you can get a few dollars from players. That's why.

    There are "rumors" that if you spend about $20k and up you can kill mobs and show a profit, though no one really  says how much of a profit. Indeed, I assure you, I'm not going to drop thousands for that neat item you just got. Who will? Good luck with your $20k investment.

    I see the game/casino as follows:

    Everyone thinks they are going to get rich. They spend about $800 getting all skilled up. Then they realize they won't make pooh. The sane players leave, the gambling addicts stay.

    The sane players try to sell back the skills and get some money back before they hit uninstall. And MindArk will send you the money, about 30 days later and for a 15% fee. Essentially, you try to recover as much as you can before you run like hell.

    The game's a scam. They don't make it clear enough that it's a casino.

    And it's geared towards MMO players. To really "see" how the game (scam) works you have to drop several hundred bucks. The smart ones don't, the rest try to recoup their losses by selling what they bought to other noobs.


    Also, the guns decay, armor decays, and you have to pay MindArk to fix it. The $9k gun was not destroyed. It decayed, if indeed someone actually ganked anyone. To fix it, you just fix it. It's costs money, but it doesn't disappear. There are, however guns and armor that are "Limited". Limited stuff cannot be fixed after it deteriorates.

    Note that as you "buy" more expensive guns, they cost more to repair (the repairable ones). The high end game is like a craps table where you are betting hundreds and thousands of dollars that you will "win" back your hundred or thousand dollar repair costs. Good luck.


  • DojenDojen Member UncommonPosts: 134

    Originally posted by narfi



    You can progress on into the mid level ranks with 15-50 dollars a month without really using too much intelegence.

    You can progress to the top with 15-50 dollars a month IF you are willing to work and study and are up to the competition.

    The reality is that you are in competition against every other player in the game. Even when you are playing purely PvE the Real Money aspect requires that you moniter your costs vs rewards not just against yourself, but against all others doing that activity. Because it is a 'free to play' game, the developers WILL get their cut, you just need to be smart enough to ensure that that cut doesnt come from your own pocket and that it is the next guy paying for it.


    I love the chalange and have chosen to put in 50 dollars a month. I dont need to deposit to play at a relaxed skilling pace anymore, but I enjoy some of the riskier activities that I know arent economicly wise and that monthly depo lets me do whatever I want with the knowledge that I am not risking my characters wealth in the process.

    Feel free to ask me anything you want about the game, but maybe its a bit off topic for this thread... start a new one and direct me there and ill help with anything you need.


    gl and have fun,


     I think the thing to remember here is that it isn't a game. It's a place where you can lose money. You also speak of your character's wealth, but haven't told us how you got that wealth. "Wealth" is a relative term. In several years or longer I'm guessing you made 2 or 3 grand? I did too, by selling my Eve-Online characters. But I wouldn't exactly call it wealth.

    Also, most MMO players come to play, not to peek at a game for an hour a day. If you want to play the game (and it isn't a game--it's made to look like one) for about 5 hours a day or longer, you'll have to drop about $200 to $300 a month into the game. Now that's not necessarily a bad thing. I've always said I'd be willing to pay $100 or $150 a month for a really good MMO. If this is your cup of tea, then there's nothing wrong with that.

    I won't even discourage players from doing just that (although as I posted above--I believe the game is a scam). But one has to remember that there's absolutely no content. Zip. Buy gun, buy ammo, buy armor, kill monster; loot monster, fix gun and amplifier (where applicable), fix armor (where applicable), buy more ammo with loot from monster... oh jeez, I didn't break even. There's not much more.

  • MadimorgaMadimorga Member UncommonPosts: 1,920

    Narfi's descriptions have been pretty spot on from my experience in the game.  Even his $50/mo spent was close to what I estimated I would need to spend in order to play the game as often as I liked the way I liked.  Since I can't afford to spend that much on any MMO, I don't play Entropia.  People who have several paid accounts in other games obviously can afford to budget that much, and if someone were looking for an interesting game to play at that price, I'd point them to Entropia.


    That said, I'd never point anyone to Entropia as a moneymaking venture.  If you have the cash to spend in order to enjoy the game, fine, play it.  But that's it.  That's all Entropia is.  It's an interesting and entertaining MMO that costs a lot more than $15 a month.  Anyone who plays it in hopes of more than entertainment is making a big mistake.


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  • Kaynos1972Kaynos1972 Member Posts: 2,316

    I dont know anything about this game but i'm thinking that something must be very wrong if a guy who invest 60k in a game is able to get kill by 6 low level guy.

  • TheomythosTheomythos Member Posts: 1
    It's fake not because of the sum, in EU it could be quite possible, but because of the described scenario. Started in space and ended planetside, really? When you enter a planet, you're no longer in pvp and can land wherever you want.
  • MaelwyddMaelwydd Member Posts: 1,123

    $15,000 for a virtual gun...

    How  small is that guys dick!

  • pyroravepyrorave Member Posts: 1
    Lol this rumor is COMPLETELY false. As is a lot of information on this thread.

    1) No one would carry 60k USD of STACKABLE items (the only items that can be looted in PVP). That's 600k of in-game currency in materials, which NO ONE carries in their inventory.
    2) The company is NOT a licensed bank.
    3) The company DOES NOT sell items for thousands of dollars, except the rare property deed (once every 2 years MAYBE). All of items of value are LOOTED.
    4) All item market values are determined by the in game economy, which is run by player supply/demand.
    5) There is NO item in game worth 100,000 USD. The most valued single item sells for around 30,000 USD at its peak.

    Again, this rumor is false. Stop the rumormongering. And get your facts straight before you post.
  • MaelwyddMaelwydd Member Posts: 1,123

    well even $30,000 for some pixels shows just how stupid some people really can be.


  • VarossVaross Moderator UncommonPosts: 10,188
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