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[Dedicated PVP/PVE] Casual-Competitive Guild now Recruiting !

NekkuroNekkuro Member Posts: 162

Who are we?


We are a small following of gamers with the proper resources to create a proffesional Clan/Guild.

We will be hosting a premeium website for the Clan along with streams and videos by our Elite members.


Our main and only focus currently is Guild Wars 2.


What do we do?


and why would you want anything to do with us? Well...

We will be hosting live streams and videos of Guild Wars 2 content and other miscelleaneous content regarding GW2.

We are a dedicated PVP/PVE Guild Casually and Competitively. 

We provide guides, tips etc. to members new to the game or simply in need in help.


Bottom line; We just play! Like many other guilds, we provide friendships, laughs and good-times not only considered as expectations, but requirements as well.





(Applies to all applicants)

- Guild Wars 2

- A sense of humor


(Only Applies to Competetive applicants)

- Availability

- Ventrilo

- Microphone

- Age 16+




Our Casual Division for the Clan & Guild revolves around a mere sense of enjoying the game with the guild.

There are no trivial worries such as conflicting time-zones, character level or (in most cases) communication.

The only expectations and requirements for members in the Casual Division are to be active and have fun.



- Disregards conflicting time-zones, Character level, (usually) communication

- Availability expectation severely cut down. Join and play when you can.


- Illegible to compete in Clan-based structured PVP

- Illegible to participate in Clan World PVP




Our Competetive Division for the Clan & Guild revolve around members that want to be involved.

While we try not to be too strict, Competetive members must be able to take on communicative roles.

Ranks are a big deal when it comes to Competitive members. Your rank will determine where you

stand among the classifications of the Competitive members.







Disciple - Professor


* Disciples are fill-ins for Competitive Division members unable to make certain events.

* Professors are tutors or helping-hands for struggling Competitive members.


Ranks do not reward players with more privilege than other players regarding the Clan itself.

Ranks are simply a measure of your time spent + contributions to the Competitive Division.

Ranks do, however, give you more power within the Competitive Division:

(i.e making game-plans for World PVE, setting up structured PVP with the clan etc.)


and, of course, being a high ranking Competitive Member does come with some well-earned respect.



- Legible to take part in Clan-based Structured PVP

- Legible to take part in Clan-based World PVP

- Higher Rank = More power within Competitive Division


- Availability becomes an absolute requirement

- Requires speech software + microphone



What do we provide?


We, as a clan, provide a fun competitive or casual environment. Here you can make many friends to bring along with

you on your future endavours during your experience in Guild Wars 2.


We also Live-stream and make videos of our experiences in Guild Wars 2. These can vary from miscelleaneous streams

& videos of us just fooling around to party-oriented dungeon & boss raids. Let us know if you would like to participate.


Our website is currently under development by a top-notch web designer who is also apart of our clan. I'll update this

thread once it is officially up and running as it will be launched before Guild Wars 2.


If you're struggling within the Competitive Division, or simply need help with anything, you can refer to professors.

Professors lend helping hands to those in need, whether it be guiding them or even tech support.





If you are interested in joining our small following for now, please reply to this thread and send me a message

with your email included. I'll reply initially to acknowledge your joining and again when the website has launched.





Q. What the heck? Your guild doesn't have a name!

A. Be apart of our very first batch of members and help us nominate and pick out names! That's right, YOU get to make history within this guild if you're one of the first.


Q. Why are there Casual and Competitive divisions?

A. We don't want our guild to be restricted to players with availability, Age 16+, Ventrilo/Microphone and computer specs within a certain threshold, but we also want players who meet these standards too for organized competitive play.

We're sick of guilds where only certain people can join because of restrictions and requirements, but we still want to maintain a par of maturity within our competitive area of the guild.


Q. Is Guild Wars 2 the only game you will be focusing on?

A. Guild Wars 2 will be our one and only main focus for a long time. However, we may do other certain upcoming MMORPG's, but that's still too far down the line to tell. Even so, if we ever plan to branch out and focus on other MMORPG's, Guild Wars 2 will always stay our main focus.


Q. How quickly can you climb the ranks in the Competitive Division? And can you explain what each rank represents?

A. (Technically, Applicant isn't a rank, but it's still considered as one.)

There are 7 ranks so far. You'll probably speed through the first two. Let me explain them:


Applicant: You are only applying for the Competitive Division with no privilege within the ranks. Until you have successfully proven yourself by your future colleagues, you cannot be promoted to Trainee. (It's A LOT easier than it sounds.)

Trainee: You have been accepted into the Competitive Division but cannot be tasked with participating within the ranks until you have thoroughly progressed with the help of future colleagues.


Once you've made it to novice, your paradigm shifts from improving yourself skill-wise to contributing to clan PVP.

From Member to Captain, you will be serving the clan through participating in structured and world PVP and promoted from rank to rank accordingly.

How difficult is it to be promoted once a novice? Here's the best way I can explain it to you:

Getting from a Novice to a Member is easy.

Getting from a Member to a Stalwart is difficult.

Getting from a Stalwart to a Captain is a challange.

Getting from a Captain to a Prestige is an incredible feat.  

Novice: Your involvement in Clan PVP is more appearant and official now, you still have little privilege, but can officially participate in Clan PVP. You can join Clan structured PVP but not World PVP.


Member: You have proven yourself a capable fully-fledged member of PVP Division. You are given standard amount of privilege and are able to join Structured and World PVP.


Stalwart: You are given above-average privilege within the ranks and are regarded as an experienced, seasoned PVP member.


Captain: You are given the highest amount of privilege within the ranks. You are regarded as a long-time veteran on the PVP battlegrounds. This position comes with responsibility, but not too much.


Prestige: A title only given to the worthiest of PVP Division members. Comes with as much privilege as Captain status and a little more bonuses as well. Can be obtained a series of different ways.


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