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Worth A Try?

KatodyKatody Member Posts: 30

Hi! I came across this, and have heard a lot about it as well. What are pros/cons?

Is it worth playing/trying out?

Thanks! :)




  • SuprGamerXSuprGamerX Member Posts: 531

    Heh , in all due respect , if you got real life friends you can play with or some good online buddies that can tag along with you , sure give it a shot . If your planning on being alone and work your way from the bottom to top , you better have your credit card on standby since this is another typical P2W MMO. And trust me , there is a huge difference between non upgraded gear and upgraded gear.

  • KatodyKatody Member Posts: 30

    Yeah my boyfriend and I were looking for a good game. We're only willing to pay if it's absolutley worth it.

    Is it worth it? Grindy? :( Tell me more.


    I know I should do my research xD

  • YarunaYaruna Member Posts: 342

    I'd recommend you steer clear of this one if cash shop is to be avoided as much as possible. This is a pretty bad one. I mean they have to sell the OP stuff to someone. The issue is if you can avoid being trampled over and over again or not. This game is not really easy going on the non-CS players.

    Waiting for Guild Wars 2, and maybe SWTOR until that time...

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    global version was gona be the thing but with the bad idea gpotato put into post beta na aika,it kind of ruined the chance of game ever taking off again.the game was insanelly good but when gpotato sayd it was only for na it pretty much kill the game right then and there.server went from epic battle to :WHERE IS EVERYBODY!

  • someforumguysomeforumguy Member UncommonPosts: 3,882

    lol whats with the first time posters all of a sudden? :p

  • skeith138skeith138 Member Posts: 176

    i'll reccomend everyone to join the GLOBAL VERSION instead of the Gpotato.

    simply because in global it isn't BUY-TO-WIN yet unlike Gpotato.

  • OneiraOneira Member Posts: 3

    LOL,  don't know what you guys are talking about.  I'm relatively new to Aika Online,  but I see players from Aika Global on their forums,  begging gPotato to buy Aika Global.  They say Aik Global has corrupt GM and the people who spend the most money there are allowed to hack the game. 

    Just because some might not like Aika Online, doesn't mean the game is that bad.  Every game has its downside.  I also haven't found the moderators to be horrible,  but maybe they were last year.


    And let's just stop now with the whole asking if an mmorpg has lots of grind.  95% of MMOs have grind.  That's just the way it is. 

  • AvsRock21AvsRock21 Member UncommonPosts: 256

    Originally posted by skeith138

    i'll reccomend everyone to join the GLOBAL VERSION instead of the Gpotato.
    simply because in global it isn't BUY-TO-WIN yet unlike Gpotato.

     Global is DEAD.  Has been for awhile.  A complete ghost town.  The gPotato (North American) Aika is full, and they do not IP block so it's basically an international version now.  Some people even have problems logging into Aika because the server is full, although I have never run into this 'problem'.  Not that it is a problem at all, I prefer full servers.  It's cool, because once you are lvl 50 and above, you can login anytime of day, and go find your nation's zerg and partake in pretty fun RvR.  The RvR never stops.

  • Aika_OnlineAika_Online Aika Community ManagerMember Posts: 18

    Aika is alive and well!  We would be happy to answer any questions you have.  Currently there are tons of awesome features, including Castle Seige, Traband Tower Wars, etc.  Also, we're happy to say that Aika is *nowhere* near as grindy as it used to be.  Do you kill monsters?  Yeah.  Do you kill a lot of monsters?  Yes.  But the vast majority of the leveling experience is questing.  If you do your quests, you'll never find yourself doing meaningless grinding. 

    Be sure to ask us any other questions you may have and we will do our best to answer as quickly as possible; thanks!

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    i am the first one to admit this game is a true mmo in the proper sense ,i played it till they closed it to the rest of the world did you ever see me talk about cash shop of this game nope it has always been the same issue!there is nothing to be done for that since its in the past.that being said back then the game was very good .dont know now i left it very long ago!

    global was supposed to get all the player that were in beta aika gpotato that left ,this didnt panout either because player just couldnt accept a game could go from very promising to aarrrgggg WHY!so when they left gpotato they moved on .but i ll say it again unless they madeo ther mistake since april of that faitfull date this game has it all!yes it is simplistic but it does exactly what player want 1000 player on same map and no lag!not many game can brag about this!

  • TheTruthHurtTheTruthHurt Member Posts: 2

    Hello to all that read this. My Name is Ronnie I have been playing games like aika for a very long time. But This needs to be said to all game companies out their. There are 10 things gamers must Have in a game and you all over look them, and since you cant get it right here's the list......

    1. PvP is a nice thing but to much of it SUCKS! I dont feel like getting on a game just to get owned by some Choobie so he can get his rocks off.....

    2. Price  A game must be Cheap on the pocket. I am not saying give it away But god 20-30-40 and even a $100 for fake stuff in a game get real!

    3. Chance Drop Rate. This is realy an important one here. No one wants to spend all day or week doing the carpy dungion over and over to get the same drop there buddy did on frist kill.

    4.Cash Shop's These are nice to have But gpotato Has the same mind set as all the rest (Lets break these kids) and the one who cant buy from us will pay for it in the game and quit....There By NO MORE GAME COMPANY

    5.Gambling with what we just paied cash for... This is a big NO NO if we are willing to pay cash we want help badly not a chance. 

    6.PvE This is a strong point in any game. It must flow right in with the game to make training a worth while run if not BYE BYE

    7.Questing  This must not be overlooked in any game as it is the heart of the game..(Ever Wounder what made 8 bit games so good?)

    8.Granding for LvL's This Must be kept under control people realy hate this and do not like this as a way to gain lvl's (BYE BYE i can play something else for fun)

    9.Class Over Powering... Most MMORPG's have this in common. We don like being killed by one hit from anything / anybody

    10.Punishing players... Big NO NO..  and this is what i mean.... Cooldown timers, Sorry drops from hard kills, long trips across maps, Impossiable to kill bosses, Stuning attacks from every monster on a map, One player drop in parties, This list clould go on for miles but these are not a joke and are why most games fail today......

    Im Sorry to be a noob here guys but Aika is the fouth game in a year i have left because it has more than 5 of the 10 problumes on this list and as a 37 year working class man its my choice who i spend my money with and let my kids spend my money with..........


  • Aika_OnlineAika_Online Aika Community ManagerMember Posts: 18

    Hey TheTruthHurt,

    I just wanted to let you know to check your other post, as I responded as thoroughly as I could.  I hope it's informative and enlightening.


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