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Had you seen this video!

lunatislunatis Member UncommonPosts: 261

This is old from september 2010 and there's content I had not seen in any recent video (bar, social etc...).

It's awesome indeed! Watch it if you hadn't!


  • CantorageCantorage Member Posts: 186

    Yeah I've seen it, it's pretty awesome looking at the most recent videos how far the game has come along since then in graphics.

  • FigureFigure Member Posts: 128

    This one's been pretty dissected, and in light of the recent relevation that Gaia (the spirit of Earth) is deliberately giving magic to humans, potentially to weaponize them in order to protect itself from threats, given additional meaning.

    The bugs may not be just a 'random character creation' potential, but rather, might be the sole method any human in TSW's universe gains supernatural abilities.

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