WoW ? What's so special about it? Maple Story owns it.

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  Heh , yea you saw the title right.  Everyone saying that WoW and Blizzard are the ultimate revenu machine.   Would be nice if people would stop reading what they see off staffers and actually do their own research.

 Ok , so WoW has their woopeedoo  15 mil subs or whatever , let's say 15 mil x 14 bucks a month thats what? 2.52 billion a year?

Let's head to maple story , which has a booming player base of over TEN THOUSAND!!! heh , just kidding, always wanted to do that , but seriously MS has over 28 million players , and I'm guessing Nexon is staying conservative. Also those same people that pay stuff for MS play other Nexon titles and buy virtual goods for their other titles. So in the end , do the math and you'll realise that WoW is a drop of water in a 40,000 gallon silo compared to Nexon ( Where Nexon is the silo ).

 Upon further review , the average player on MS puts about 30$ on the game per month , some put up to 2,000$ a year , yes it's not over TEN THOUSAND!!! but it is still a high ammount for virtual goods that brings you nothing IRL.  The only thing these people bring are more P2W mmos down the road , which is : "Buy this scroll for 15$ to make your boring grinding fest into a more awesome grinding fest!!!   ((for 30 days only)) "  I've based my results on people that I know who play Maple Story , and friends of friends that also play Maple Story , it's a sad story I know.

  The point of all this , is that I often see threads with almost everyone saying that WoW killed the genre.  In the matter of fact , it is Nexon with their Maple Story and "F2P" aka "P2W" mindset that is killing the genre.

  It's funny how almost no one realised that CCP called their cash shop the NeX and then to merge with NeXon. It was so obvious.

  WoW , like it or not , is probably the last ray of hope for this genre.  We'll see what GW2 will bring to the table.  And for SW:tor , well as far as TOR goes , it looks cool and all , I'll just have to try it , but it ressembles alot of other MMOs I've played in the past , the only difference is that there will be Storm Troopers being able to own a Jedi / Sith ... oh and the game will have LightSabres !!!  *sigh* , I just hope that TOR is more then  meets the eye.

  Bottom line : I find it funny that people play F2P games but are willing to put up to 20$ ~ 2000$ a year on virtual goods, but those same people don't want to pay a monthly fee and to have everything a cash shop has to offer for free?  I'll never understand , even if you paid me to understand , I'll keep the money but I still won't understand. 

  Also I'd really like the government to step in , because it's no hidden fact that when I get my pay check , and some ammount goes to pay welfare , that alot of people spend that welfare money on freaking F2P games.  It's disgusting.



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    I did a little digging to find out if there were any numbers published by Nexon.   Only thing I found was dated back in 2007.

    29.3 million in US revenue with 5.9 million registered US players.......~$5 per person.

    They seem to report only if they have a quarter that shows about a 50% increase, but even if we assume that this is a yearly growth MS would only have made 100 million revenue in 2010.

    100 mil @ 28 mil users is only  ~$3.50 per person.   Looks like it attracts more free loaders than paying customers. 


    What was so special about MapleStory?

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