$5, what did I get?

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I recently resubbed this game for my daugther, it's been since oktober last year.

First I could not find anything through the account profile neither on station.com or freerealms site. After awhile I noticed an icon on the top left, I can't remember exactly what it said but it was inline of of upgrade the account.'

I press that and got to a meny of options 1month, 3months etc. I chosed 1month this time.

But what now?

Should I not have received station cash, 499 if I remember correct. Currently there is 0 station cash on the account.

There is no option for cancle the subscription under the "Membership info" I get no clear picture if it is under subscrioption or not.

Did I only pay $5 for the member extra things in the game, like the option to have more characters?

If anyone else have a running subscription does it clearly say that the game is under reaccuring sub?


Any that can clear these things up for me?

I'm so broke. I can't even pay attention.
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  • Dru72Dru72 NorthamptonMember Posts: 57

    As far as I'm aware-forgive me if I'm wrong

    You get- *monthly rewards pack (don't have a clue what that pack consists of to be honest)
    *all job are unlocked for paying members
    *a wilds house
    *discount on items (10% is the going rate i think at the moment)
    *access to member only items and areas

    There may be a couple of other things, but I don't know what they are.

    Hope this post helps.

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