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Away from 4story global server , extremly coruption!!

ZEMIcoruptedZEMIcorupted Member Posts: 1

ZEMI Interactive is extremly corrupt company who treat players like shit

Game Moderators have completely ruined it. They all have personal characters in 1 kingdom(craxion), and lately have been doing nothing about hacking and bug abusing for players of that kingdom, but they harrass the players of the other kindom (DeFugel), and threaten to ban them from the game if they spread "rumors". That is.. you see them or their friends hacking, and say so in game... they will ban you. You get a nice piece of gear to +24, they will ban you for "buying " it from a illegal account, then take the gear and give it to a friend. Zemi is extremely corrupt, some players have unlimited items since they jump on their GM (or their friend does) and uses the GM toolbar to replenish all the items again. If you get powerfull character they will ban it and find some stupid reason for that, abyse it and take gear after all your spedned $$$. If they dont like you they ban. Few weeks ago inocent players got permanent banned because GM's dont like them. This is waste of $ and time.



  • KazuhiroKazuhiro Member UncommonPosts: 595

    While your post seems a tad biased or at least exaggerated a bit, I still thank you for posting this, I was on the line and this will indeed keep me from trying it. Strange to see no rebuttals or confirmations to this however.

    To find an intelligent person in a PUG is not that rare, but to find a PUG made up of "all" intelligent people is one of the rarest phenomenons in the known universe.

  • joosiijoosii Member Posts: 38

    Thanks for the post. Any game that even has suspicion that the game developers/GMs are policing ingame by freely revealing themselves to players while playing is definintely a good sign of immature reckless management. I'll stay far away... thanks.

  • mpking3mpking3 Member Posts: 6

    No Comments!!  100% true,  Ty for posting this to understand all the rest before going in and waste money and time on 4Story.

  • def_bunnydef_bunny Member Posts: 2

    i for one believe you are not exadurating. ive seen many posts like this and from experience with cash shop heavy publishers i am well aware how they  work thier buisness model.

    the players are numbers-dollar bills. when we refuse to stay quietly in thier pockets they throw us in the fireplace" ohwell..thats just  player# $5,672.  and think nothing of it because aslong as you can't log-in the outher thousand dollar players can' t be warned of the impending doom thats waits on the outherwise of a corrupt GM's keyboard.


    need proof that this is what online gaming is realy about? do your research! these claims are VERY common!

    but i must warn players- do not dig deeper then u want to go--it's amazing how quikly you turn into an actavist when you realise what these companies are realy doing.

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