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my attempted return to Aion

injunuityinjunuity Member Posts: 4

saddly wasn't what i expected, as i forgot why i left. than i started remembering.


decent crafting system. you can do work ordres on being able to get to the main city of either side, and max out to 399 before you hit level cap. after that you get into char level requirements before you can progressf further

lowbie content is good, if repetive & mainly unecessary, but it's part of the story line to becoming a Daeva.


gearing, like most crafting systems is better by drops than crafted till mid to near to end level content.

mana, enchant & godstones are pricey to slot into gear, and bugged as most players are concerned. there's always the chance that slottging said stonescan fail, even with the use of items to increase the chances of it being successful. seems elyos chances are stacked in favor of failure near end game gear. NCSofts response is that it's working the way "THEY" want it to.

you want good chance of things working in your favor, roll Asmo. you want to feel the odds stacked against you, than roll elyos. like most MMO's i've been in that have factions/sides or w/e, one is favored over the other. regardless what NC says.

request for changes to game by NCSoft have resulted in "we don't have creative control of the game, only the original developer can make those changes" or some such canned response. good going ncsoft, take on something you only host, but the game dev's stack odds in making the game fail. and driving the player base away. if the previous requests were brought in to fix the said bugs, and to actually balance the game out, rather than in favor of one side or the other, than i think it'd be a great game. tell than, go back to the drawing board, and don't host any but your own games that you develop. otherwise you'll get another cryptic studio being created from among the staff that leave because of being held back from making a great game flop the way it's been. 

when i started this game shortly after it went live, there were lots of servers to choose from, now there's only 4? hmm. tell me you don't see what's being done wrong NCSoft. i'm sure there's lots of reg players that'll call you on it. for me, this is 14.95 i won't get back due to lack of satisfaction in the game overall.

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