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Sell Me Vanguard

I'll Buy it...



  • BinaryMortBinaryMort Member UncommonPosts: 3

    It may take you a little while to adjust, but you will be able to forget the progression/gear grind that MMO'S have become and recapture some wonderment.


    Last night my group spent most of its time looking at how nice the trees and landscapes look, roaming around looking at scenery and trees and not a Druid amoung us, whats that all about???

  • ArchidArchid Member UncommonPosts: 210

    One million dollars!!!1 ;D

    But seriously, you can get it for 5+... It's wonderfull game for sure, vast, exciting and fresh when compared to others. It's much slower than nowdays cookiecutters and still has much interesting and engaging combat. There's lots to do and atleast 3 different places to level if you get stuck to your current area. No instances, fully open dungeons where you might run into other groups to get help with. Crafting is easily the best in its genre.

    There's just few points which i love in Vanguard. I leave the rest to others to fill. :)

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  • AdamantineAdamantine Member RarePosts: 4,268

    I would buy it too, if I had the money to do it ... but I strongly doubt SOE would want to sell it.

    Please set a sig so I can read your posting even if somebody "agreed" etc with it. Thanks.
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