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A week in, liking things so far

DanagDanag Member Posts: 67

I started playing ARGO Online about a week ago, and I’m hooked.

So far I've gone with a Floresslah Shaman as my first toon, already earned my first pet.

Having a lot of fun running quests and exploring. The interface takes a little getting used to, but you can adjusting the key-binds as needed.

I really dislike the click-to-move thing, have been using WASD instead. I wish it had mouse-look/movement instead, but who knows, maybe they'll make a change down the line.

The character creation is seriously intense, you can spend a _LOT_ of time customizing your toon's appearance, which I really like in an MMORPG.

Can't wait to hook up with some in-game groups, maybe find a guild to join. Get into some PvP.

Haven't even given a look at the in-game store yet.

The game really looks promising.



  • DanagDanag Member Posts: 67

    I really dislike the click-to-move thing, have been using WASD instead. I wish it had mouse-look/movement instead, but who knows, maybe they'll make a change down the line.

    Well, with a little digging through the config menus, I found the setting I was looking for. ARGO does offer mouse-look/movement as I've grown accustomed to in other games.

    The most recent update (build 52) broke things for me, on my Windows 7 64-bit machine.

    The version of Hackshield that was distributed with the latest update wouldn't allow things to work properly unless a did a 'Run as Administrator', which I don't like. With a bit of Googling I was able to find an alternate build of HShield that allowed things to work again, without running as admin.

    Once that problem was resolved, and I got to the character-select screen, I discovered that my 'toon was invisible. Only her shadow was present. When I selected my inivisble 'toon and chose to enter the game, I was presented with an error message and then crash-to-desktop.

    From the Launcher I went to options and rolled the version back to 45, cleared cache, and saved the config. This caused the client to (re)upgrade itself from build 45.

    Upon completion, once I returned to the character-select screen, my 'toon was no longer invisible, and I was pleased to see I could enter the game without problem this time around, :)

    Assuming some file or group of files was corrupt, and allowing things to (re)upgrade re-downloaded those files.

    My 'toon has reach level 10, and her and her pet are doing well adventuring. I missed an event last night, as I was AFK. It started while I was away from the 'puter, and noticed it coming to an end as I returned. I'm hoping for another one tonight, that I can take part in.

    I haven't been involved in any grouping yet, and have only quickly glanced at the Guild window, but it's only a matter of time before I start activly seeking out a guild to join.

    The storyline is fairly in-depth, even though the translations are a bit laughable from time to time.

    I've browsed the Cash-Shop, and I didn't really see anything that was game-breaking, which is good. I normally stay away from the cash-shops, but I'm glad to see that there's nothing overwhelmingly out-of-balance available for purchase.

    I really feel this game could go far. I think we just need more folks to download it and give it a try. Compared to the other MMOs out there (free and pay alike) it's certainly a step in the right direction.

    I've created a couple other 'toons, just to see how far I could take the character creation, and man you can seriously tweak the appearance of your 'toons on this game. I almost wish I would have taken a little more time with my main, as I know I could have gotten her to look way-hot, LOL, :)


  • jdlamson75jdlamson75 Member UncommonPosts: 1,010

    I'll download it and give it a shot.  Might as well.  =D

  • keviebyokeviebyo Member Posts: 31


    I've had this game downloaded for a couple weeks now, but just haven't started yet.

    I was trying to find some reviews on the PVP but haven't found too much. Then I got busy with other things.

    I do like how you have the option to play by targeting, but also the third person shooter mode. Is there any advantage to it? Because if the only thing added is the ability to miss, that'd be pretty pointless :)


    Maybe it's time to make my character!  

  • DanagDanag Member Posts: 67

    I haven't quite made it to the PvP portion of the game, but I've done my share of dueling (sp?) and it's been fun enuff.

    I'm surprised to see my 'toon hold her own against 'toons that are 2 or even 3 levels above her, though in the end she still loses of course. It seems to be based on what skills you have and how you use them, instead of directly related to what level you are, which is a nice change of pace.

    From what I've read it seems that my 'toon will eventually move to a different area, where the game will pretty much be PvP focused, as opposed to the area she's presently in, which is primarily quest-based.


  • aspekxaspekx Member UncommonPosts: 2,167

    ya my highest is only lvl 15 Scholar, my Paladin and Warrior are both adolescents in lvl =)

    ive really enjoyed my time in this game as well. i took a break from it to try out AoC, i played at launch, but while it holds my interest certainly much better than Rift, there's something just relaxed and flowing about the gameplay in Argo for me.

    of course that might all change when i get to the pvp parts of the world, but we shall see.

    how far have you taken your crafting? has it become cash shop dependent at all?

    also, i really think this game is very much under the radar for most people here and i would love to see it get some more press.

    "There are at least two kinds of games.
    One could be called finite, the other infinite.
    A finite game is played for the purpose of winning,
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    Finite and Infinite Games, James Carse

  • shozikushoziku Member UncommonPosts: 95

    The game is very fluid from the start.  the somewhat linear fashion of the quests keep you busy and take you to the next step nicely.  the combat is very good.  that's probably the most important part of any game and Argo makes it fun to fight.  It does have some bugs here and there.  Most notably in the questing dialog system.  It's hard to tell if you're completing a quest and getting the reward or just looking at the reward you're gonna get later.  the quest dialog is way too complicated and there's too many things to click to get/complete quests.  (the back and forth banter is excessive and I eventually end up just clicking without reading.)  It also uses one of my personal pet peeves in Asian type games... they use "..." as dialog.  ellipses are NOT valid dialog, and neither is "!" as a response without some wording to precede it.  Also, the steampunk theme is done well bt I expected the nature side to be a bit more "natury" but it too is very much tech/steampunk.  Each opposing faction is not a lot different from the other.

  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 16,460

    This looks to be 100% a FFVII based game.I am d/ling it to try it out.I am surprised to see the graphic req's are imo probably too high for a f2p game,i doubt they will be that intensive in the game.

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