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Pros and Cons of LoL/HoN?



  • Z3R01Z3R01 Member UncommonPosts: 2,416

    I was a big Dota fan so I moved to HoN.

    Last couple months i've been testing out LoL.

    Honestly, I plan on keeping up on all three of them.

    As for Pro's and cons.

    Neither of those games have any cons.

    Certain people will say artstyle or that they like certain variations to the mechanics in either game but really its all subjective. 

    Both games are near flawless when it comes to gameplay.


    Waiting on:

  • ichihaifuichihaifu Member UncommonPosts: 280

    LoL has poor balance between heroes, but hey, balance is boring isnt it? LoL all day every day.

    Besides now that dominion is coming up, the game is going to be faster paced than ever before.


    Edit: All they need to do after dominion is really the replay feature, which has already been promised officially too. (instead of 'we are planning on it' comments) After that, LoL is perfect.

  • sonoggisonoggi Member Posts: 1,119

    my opinion on LoL is that it will stay around for a long time. to be honest, i couldnt care less about DoTA2 because LoL will always have better balance and more champions, simply because it's been around so much longer. secondly, the Dominion game mode is just so much more fun than dota, and it's perfect for those who cant sit around to play a 45 minute match. i wish LoL had DoTA2's graphics though.

  • sonoggisonoggi Member Posts: 1,119

    Originally posted by ichihaifu

    LoL has poor balance between heroes

    not true actually. theyre constantly tweaking things here and there. right now i can think of only one carry (Caitlyn) dominating dota, and a few champs that are a little too strong in Dominion. it's come a long way though. out of the dozens of champs, most are viable.

  • XzitoXzito Member Posts: 43

    you asked for the pros and cons. ive played both game alot in lol over 1500 games a 1000 games in hon.

    #- LOLO

    1. Huge player base

    2. Every two weeks a new champ/skins

    3. Easy to learn / 2nd game mode named Dominoin.


    1.One map in 5vs5 or 3vs3.

    2. Limited builds small item store.

    3. A very long grind to get lvl 30 WITH decent runes and champs to play competive in ranked.


    1.Increased action , build in voice activasion. Great engine.

    2.Also every once a while new champoin/ skins

    3.Alot of different builds and alot of items in the store.



    1. Longer learning curve then LOL somtiems you think WTF how i just got pwned there.

    2. Can be chaotic sometimes.

    3. People fear hon will run dead when dota2 released ill doubt it.


    I think its more of a personal opinoin in the end of what u like best , i prefer hon myself but alot of ppl i know play LOL and i prefer to play with my friends , some of them find the learning curve in HON a bit to long to play on a decent lvl.

    in the end just play both games till you decide waht u like the most



  • jpnzjpnz Member Posts: 3,529

    The biggest advantage of LoL is that, when DOTA2 is released, the majority of players from LoL will not move to DOTA2.


    Because LoL's players did NOT play DOTA1. Their first MOBA (or DOTA1 type) game is LoL.

    Gdemami -
    Informing people about your thoughts and impressions is not a review, it's a blog.

  • Cirn0Cirn0 Member Posts: 162

    HoN has awesome (S2) developers ( for example at 4:45 or 6:04 or at 5:18 there are lots, also forum posts , also nyan cat courier and lots of alternative skins, announcer packs etc). It supports modding, it has decent graphics and solid (dota like) gameplay. I dont know about LoL (played only a little, wasnt my type of game) but its wrong to say that it wont last long. As for community, well I'm yet to see a good community in a verus game, its the internet, baby.

    IZI MODO?! Ha-ha-ha!

  • TyrantasTyrantas Member UncommonPosts: 369

    Longer learning curve is not a con for me. Bigger community doesn't mean better. HoN suits competetive play better. My pick would be HoN by quite some margin.

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