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Haven't played in years and thinking about picking it up again for a nostalgic binge weekend what sh

JBullfrogJBullfrog Member Posts: 7

Title says it all. Thinking about picking this up again after feeling nostalgic for it for too long. what should I know about the game now?


  • obiiobii Member UncommonPosts: 804

    That it is a bad diablo clone since AOS and did not get any better since than?


    Honestly check it out with a trial account before subscribing.....

  • TechleoTechleo Member Posts: 1,984

    {mod edit}

    That being said, the orignal is all but gone on the commercial servers. If you do play it, be sure to take  time and consider how much time can actually change a product under corporate direction. Its a testament to the faults and strengths.

  • mcrippinsmcrippins Member RarePosts: 1,474

    Question to any of those who might still play retail.. I haven't played since shortly after Trammel. I know there are classic shards, but I'm not really interested in those. My question is - Did they ever give the game better resolutions besides 1024x768 in Full Screen mode? Any 16:9 / 16:10 resolutions?



  • MrBum21MrBum21 Member UncommonPosts: 405

    the game is nothing like it was.  They now have insurable items so you can't loot them, and special armor that gives bonuses like not needing regs to cast and crap like that.  Other than the dated graphics you will not recognize the game if you played before 2001

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