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Glimpse of Character Creation



  • HorridusiumHorridusium Member Posts: 5

    Is it me or we can choose the age of our character (bottom of the screen)

    ( we can't really see it on the image that Wardthegreat posted because the image has been resized (you can see it at 13:45 on the video))


  • MeowheadMeowhead Member UncommonPosts: 3,716

    Originally posted by sketchy_

    Well GW 2 got titty armor as well :)

    Yeah, they do, it's true.  ... but at least it's not all individual-breasts on all the plate armors, which is even worse... I also dislike the 'V neck' plate mail, with the big 'stab me here in my cleavage' space.

    The Asura and Charr women don't have 'boob armor' though, so... hey, cool. :)

  • xTalenTxTalenT Member Posts: 29

    The more customizable the better. I like it! =D


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