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How's the PvP Member UncommonPosts: 912

Looking forward to a new game with PvP. I hear this game has it, but I'm curious in what capacity? What is the PvP in Faxion Online, how does it function, is it gear based or skill based? Is it P2W through item shop or is the item shop only for vanity items. Someone please shed some light. Thanks.



  • XxBoxerxXXxBoxerxX Member Posts: 6

    item shop is only for variety. PVP is as open as it gets. always action even during off hours when pop is low. not much endgame but if your into pvp best game released so far i would say. only real problem is they layed off the dev team last week and unless the pop goes up i dont think it will make it past the end of the year.

  • XxBoxerxXXxBoxerxX Member Posts: 6

    i actually just joined this site to find another game with similar pvp. in a f2p setting.   everything i have found besides this game so far requires to much grind or too much money and doesnt allow me to just create a build and go pvp. any help finding a good pvp would be appreciated.

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