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Fantasy Multiplayer for Xbox?

CernanCernan Member UncommonPosts: 360

I mostly play on the PC, but one of my friends is looking for a multiplayer fantasy game on the Xbox.  Do any good ones exist?  My xbox is mostly used for watching Netflix these days.  In her words:  "tell me some good multi player games with magic, creatures, and stuff"  I don't think I can convince her to play pc games.  So any advice for offerings on the xbox 360?





  • dknight784dknight784 Member Posts: 44

    Final Fantasy 11.

  • poefuepoefue Member Posts: 226

    I'm not sure if it's multiplayer on xbox live, but Torchlight has all that.

  • CernanCernan Member UncommonPosts: 360

    Torchlight on the pc isn't mutliplayer so I doubt it is on the xbox, but that is probably a good starter game for her.  I think FFXI would be a bit too much for her.  That and PSO are the only ones I can think of atm.  She's in her mid 20s but mostly new to gaming.  I don't want to scare her off.

  • dknight784dknight784 Member Posts: 44

    Torchlight is on Xbox ,but does it have to be an MMO type of game? Or maybe you two would prefer something like 2-4 players?

  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 CommonPosts: 6,690

    The console lacks good multiplayer fantasy rpgs. Dragon Age is probably the closes but yet again, it is single player.

  • SeanSPSSeanSPS Member Posts: 37

    What about that new co-op game, "Hunted: The Demon's Forge" ?


    It got a lot of mixed reviews though

  • CernanCernan Member UncommonPosts: 360

    Thanks, hadn't heard of that one.  She liked Fable.  I'll have her go check out Hunted.

  • k11keeperk11keeper Member UncommonPosts: 1,048

    I wouldn't recommend Hunted I didn't really like it too much. This weekend i might be picking up Dungeon Siege 3 because it's multiplayer and i can play it with my fiance or without her. I'll let you know how it is once I get my hands on it. It's on PS3 and 360

  • SeanSPSSeanSPS Member Posts: 37

    Yeah I thought of DS3 too, but the problem I heard with that is that the co-op is really badly done... the second player doesn't get anything, just sort of helps out. (Rather like the co-op in Fable 2 actually.)

  • CernanCernan Member UncommonPosts: 360

    Oh and co-op is fine.  She just wants to be able to play with friends in a fantasy setting.

  • KatodyKatody Member Posts: 30

    I just played the demo and I LOVED IT! I'm looking for something my hubby and I can play. Hunted sounds great. Torchlight does too. I hope in DS3 the other player doesn't really just "help out". You can give/share them armor too, yes?

  • ForgrimmForgrimm Member EpicPosts: 2,995

    Sacred II was a pretty fun game on the 360. Me and a friend got about 40 hours of gameplay out of it before it started to get boring.

  • SyrusSyiSyrusSyi Member Posts: 366

    Originally posted by Forgrimm

    Sacred II was a pretty fun game on the 360. Me and a friend got about 40 hours of gameplay out of it before it started to get boring.


    Yeah scared 2 is a great and amzing game to play the only downside to playing it on xbox 360 is  there is not many poeple that play it and plus i heard it is  alot better on teh computer

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  • elfinn3elfinn3 Member Posts: 1
    There are a couple xbox arcade games that came out last summer. Dungeon Defenders is a good co-op game with a mix of fps and tower defense, but fantasy style. Lots of RPG elements. Also, Crimson Alliance is a good one. Both are around $20 to download. Many fun nights were had with these games!
  • MeltdownMeltdown Member UncommonPosts: 1,182
    If shes anything like my wife then she would love the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games. I've only ever played local co-op though and its SciFi Fantasy not High Fantasy or whatever traditional Fantasy is called.

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