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A few questions before I try AoC again

MwahahaMwahaha Member UncommonPosts: 126

Hey all, I was considering giving AoC another try and I was wondering how much the game has changed since launch.  Do you still have to press 3-5 buttons to do melee attacks?  Is there end content now?  Anything else I should know about the game?

I was in the AoC beta back in the day and I had a 65 necro then quit after my guild broke up a month after the game has launched.  I remember the game ran horribly and the guys at tech support suggested running the game on high settings for a smoother game experience, how is the game now?

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  • AceundorAceundor Member Posts: 482

    If you havent played in 3 years, then you will find a very changed game. First of all to your questions


    1) combos usually only require 1 or 2 buttons now. 

    2) there is lots of content both during leveling and during endgame. The whole of Khitai is lvl 80 (expansion pack)

    3) If you have the same PC you had 3 years ago the game might actually run on it. They did a lot to improve technical errors from the launch period. There has been several optimisation patches. If you have a newer rig then there really isnt any problem. However - why not only download the free trial and you can play through Tortage and check how it runs on your PC.


    In general the game receives a lot of praize now. There are many oppnions out there on this or that which isnt working as the player expected however this depends somewhat on your own expectations of the game.

    If you want a solid PVE game with excellent PVP ibetween then AoC can be a good choice. However dont take my word for it. DL the game and take it throuhg Tortage for a re-check. Should take you 3-6 hours depending on how immersed you want to be. 

    Originally posted by BishopB:

    Are a lot of the trolls just angry kids with old gaming hardware?

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