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Breeding the perfect game for you. What would you mix??

KroxMalonKroxMalon Member UncommonPosts: 459

This thought popped into my head earlier.

If I could have Lord of the rings online with age of conan GFX, I would love it! I would be back to LOTRO as quick as a flash. :)

What two maybe three games would you throw into a hat and have come out as one?


  • daydreamerxxdaydreamerxx Member UncommonPosts: 178

    Dragon Age, Warhammer Online, and Age of Conan.


    The classes, the story telling of Dragon Age.

    The pvp of warhammer

    The raids, instances, the combat style and the graphics of Age of Conan.


    Hardcore Bloody pvp game with hardcore story telling. 


  • xKingdomxxKingdomx Member UncommonPosts: 1,541

    Assassin's Creed stealth and platforming gameplay, historical fantasy open world setting, also its armor art style, I liked how it actually looks like an armor on top of clothing, realistic armor, not a giant piece of metal on your body.

    Witcher 2's melee combat gameplay without the hidden targeting, so every swing of the sword is like an actual swing hitting whoever is in the way+ a touch of its difficulty, not too difficult since MMO doesn't really have a setting to change it, and it needs to carter to multitude of players. Sandbox elements

    TERA's character art style, graphical engine

    Unsure about the crafting side of things, but I really like TERA's political system, ArcheAge's idea of 'freedom, naval battle, planting and persistent housing


    edit: can't believe I forgot GW2's dynamic events -.-

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    As much WoW as a WoWhater would, if a WoWhater could hate WoW.

  • elockeelocke Member UncommonPosts: 4,335

    FFXI, SWTOR, and GW2.  I know the latter 2 haven't come out, but we know enough about what their main features are so I used them anyway. 

    FFXI - One character any class any day, massive immersive world, more focus on needing groups to do the big stuff, and tons of mission, quest epic questslines as well as TONS of endgame options. Great music.

    SWTOR - for the 200 hours per class of storyline, space mini game, companions, just tons of content and great music.

    GW2 - for the dynamic content and different combat styles as well as no subscription fee and all the other little differences GW2 is offering, like dungeons with story mode and exploration mode, underwater combat that isn't the same as surface combat, etc.  Great music.

    I'm a HUGE audiophile and great music is a must in my MMORPGs, so as a bonus I would add the composer from AoC, too.  ;D

  • RhimeRhime Member UncommonPosts: 277

    Ultima Online-no levels and full loot/item decay.

    Dark Age of Camelot-RvR style PvP

    Star Wars Galaxies-housing and crafting(still THE best ever)

  • MistouMistou Member UncommonPosts: 28

    i agree with ryhme but id add FFXI for end game and quests

  • mrshroom89mrshroom89 Member UncommonPosts: 224

    EVE's massive game world and intricacies with a combat system that doesnt bore you to tears, perhaps Metal Gear Solid type of gameplay.


  • Dru72Dru72 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 57

    Mine would be a bit of an odd ball :P

    Crafting- a mix from Vanguard (hosuing etc) and Crimecraft (weapons and clothing)
    GFX- Neocron 2 style
    PVP/PVE- Elements of DAoC

  • KenaoshiKenaoshi Member UncommonPosts: 1,022

    rather than games i would like blend companies.

    I would blend TalesWorlds (mount&blade) and ArenaNet and let them give birth to my fantasy utopia.


    now: GW2 (11 80s).
    Dark Souls 2.
    future: Mount&Blade 2 BannerLord.
    "Bro, do your even fractal?"
    Recommends: Guild Wars 2, Dark Souls, Mount&Blade: Warband, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

  • astoriaastoria Member UncommonPosts: 1,677

    I'd mix Tabula Rasa/Rift invasions and event triggers with

    Tabula Rasa targetting and

    Champions Online character customization (powers and appearance) and

    the limited and smart instancing and graphic detail of Fallen Earth and

    the art style and quality of AoC.


    come on make it nao!

    "Never met a pack of humans that were any different. Look at the idiots that get elected every couple of years. You really consider those guys more mature than us? The only difference between us and them is, when they gank some noobs and take their stuff, the noobs actually die." - Madimorga

  • KroxMalonKroxMalon Member UncommonPosts: 459

    interesting stuff :) some good ideas..

  • TorgrimTorgrim Member CommonPosts: 2,088

    Originally posted by Rhime

    Ultima Online-no levels and full loot/item decay.

    Dark Age of Camelot-RvR style PvP

    Star Wars Galaxies-housing and crafting(still THE best ever)



    If it's not broken, you are not innovating.

  • AlBQuirkyAlBQuirky Member EpicPosts: 6,873

    First would be the character creation and physics of City of Heroes.

    Next would be the gameworld of WoW, without the cartoony artwork. They've been working on it for over 7 years, so there is a lot of little things there.

    Last would be a game system not yet published. It would have NO fluff skills/abilities. There would not be the "uberbuild" mentality. Characters would be as unique as thousands (millions?) of players could make them. A system where other players don't play my toons better than I play them. A game where you don't go to websites to get the information for the "uberbuild", build it, and then complain about the game being too easy with no end-game content. A game where an advanced mathematical degree is NOT needed to succeed. The game system would be created where quests had meaning, levels were done away with (instead using skill advancement), and I had a place I could call home and put all my stuff!

    - Al

    Personally the only modern MMORPG trend that annoys me is the idea that MMOs need to be designed in a way to attract people who don't actually like MMOs. Which to me makes about as much sense as someone trying to figure out a way to get vegetarians to eat at their steakhouse.

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