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They combined the free server with the p2p server


  • jadedlevirjadedlevir Member Posts: 628

    I don't even play this game, so not sure why I care...but does that mean the game is just completely f2p now? When I looked on their website it says 30 day sub is free but you can buy a delux edition one time that comes with two items. What am I missing?

  • bosmer24bosmer24 Member UncommonPosts: 116

    I've been playing again recently,and i've logged onto both servers several times.Each time i say hello in global chat nobody responds cause nobody else is playing,except once.I like the concept of this game,and i think the graphics are quite nice.My major gripe is that it seems to be quest dependent,and quite frankly the quests suck,and many are broken.

    I am stuck at level 11 cause i can't find any new quests to do.A few of the ones i do have are broken or require help from other players.I got a level 10 quest that requires me to kill lobasta(demon mob in the game) and their level 18 ?!?! Considering i have to get 49,000 + experience to reach the next level and same level mobs only give about 90 exp...

    Grinding should always be an option no matter how much people complain about it.I hate games that are quest dependent.i love quests,but when you're required to do them it pisses me off.

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