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Football Manager Goes MMO

ColdskinColdskin Member Posts: 22

Developed by Japan-based Sega, Football Manager catches players' eyes through its simulation mode of "club + tournament + football player". Its online version is co-developed by Sega and Korea-based KTH, and is going to kick off CBT & OBT this year.

Football Manager Online will introduce the world-class league matches of English Premier League and Spanish Premier League, as well as integrate different match systems including the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Cup, the FIFA Club World Cup and the World Cup. Football Manager has 6 million players around the world, which's just a guarantee of its online version's success. The new club financial system, management system, star player system, and transfer system in Football Manager Online are expected to make players able to experience a football simulation game most comprehensively. So far, KTH has gained Football Manager Online's publishing rights in Asia.

And according to the news of mmosite(,1.shtml), other two famous pc games: Civilization and Heroes of Might and Magic have recently been adapted to online versions also.


  • lschneiflschneif Member Posts: 43

    I think someone has posted this before. It's a good news for FM fans, just as me.

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