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Game with great story!

schrollbachschrollbach Member UncommonPosts: 72

Hey there,


I was wondering, are there any good mmos out there where the quests/missions you do follow a great storyline? I greatly enjoyed the storyline and lore from WoW, the problem is trying to follow the lore through the quests. For example, I want to be able to go from 1-70 in WoW by mostly following quests that have to do with killing Illidan.


I know it sounds  a lot like as if I want to play a single player game, which I may just end up doing, but are there any MMOs out there with a singleplayer-esque story? I know guild wars did a good job and I really enjoyed it, I just can't seem to find any other game out there that is similar to this.

Any advice?


  • HomituHomitu Member UncommonPosts: 2,030

    GW2 and SW:ToR both sound like upcoming games that may greatly interest you, depending on your genre preference (outer space star wars versus tolkienesque high fantasy.)  Both look like they will have a primary overarching storyline that permeates the entire leveling experience.  


    As far as current MMOs go, I found FFXI's story (the few-and-far-between moments you actually get to experience it) to be very rich and enjoyable.  You experience the primary story based on your current national allegiance.  Each nation has its own independent storyline and its own heroes that you follow throughout 10 rank missions.  As you progress through those missions, your rank with your nation goes up.  Back when I played, this was your major status indicator, not your gear.  Note that it's been years since I've played FFXI, and my experiences are based upon the CoP expansion and prior.  The game is totally different now, but according to this thread  there are still people playing FFXI while fully experiencing all the traditional fun story content.  


    On separate note, I really enjoyed some of WoW's revamped zones since Cata, namely the whole Human starting area, and that's coming from a Darnassian loyalist.  The continuity of the stories in Westfall and Redridge were joys to play through.  I loved the murder mystery story that culminated in the unveilling of Vanessa Van Cleef as the new leader of the Defias Brotherhood.  

  • schrollbachschrollbach Member UncommonPosts: 72

    I've actually tried FFXI and I heard a lot of good things about it, I had a hard time enjoying it :

    I'm not a big fan of JRPGs and the controls were driving me mad.

    Oh, and I loved the revamped zones in WoW, but after you get through the level 1-60 stuff...which can be done in about 1-2 days, you get stuck with old quest grind areas and the story just dies again.

  • DeathsmindDeathsmind Member UncommonPosts: 185

    If your looking for some harcore story then SWTOR is where its at. From what has been said it seems like 3 more months until it comes kinda surprised that it will be coming out that soon but hey if it does than that is where i would check. Also for the time being i  would say LOTRO. Its a decent story. You pretty much meet up with some of the characters from the books and they have certain things they need you to do. Stuff that actually falls in place with the books kinda. Pretty much everyone that was in the books are in the game. Its kind of like LOTR The third age. In that your in like the background of the big picture really nice concept.

  • pl3dgepl3dge Member UncommonPosts: 183

    I don't think you'll find a better MMO with story than Lord of The Rings.

    The book quests are very enjoyable and follow the books/movies very closely.


    Also Aion has quite a good story to follow in the campaign quests and also carry into the group and solo dungeons, but you will find yourself grinding alot in between which can get a little annoying.


    I would highly recommend LOTRO as it's also free and you can get a good 30 hours play before even needing to think about spending money for zones :)


  • HomituHomitu Member UncommonPosts: 2,030

    I agree on both accounts.  While I enjoyed the FF missions when I played, like I said, they were few and far between.  You grind for a weeks at a time, then you do a few missions.  Grind some more, then work on a limit break quest, which basically involved enlisting the help of a higher level friend and then proceeding to grind some more.  There were TONS of elements I didn't like about FFXI, but since you asked about story, I had to mention FFXI there since it did have a good story...when you got to experience it.  


    But based on that thread I linked, it seems like you may be able to get the best of both worlds for a fairly cheap price.  Apparently you can level from 1-75 in like 1 day now.  So if it's the grind you hated, then you can bypass that and just run the story missions with the guild.  Although leveling that fast on a new account presents its own obstacles, namely utter poverty and a lack of weapon skill-ups (if they still use that system).  If you're really poor, you'd have a hard time buying all the level appropriate gear for the various level capped missions.  


    And yeah, I was in the same boat with WoW.  I got 85 on 2 of my 8 level 80 characters and did some end game raiding.  I leveled up 3 new characters through the various 1-60 zones since there are literally 6 completely distinct paths to 60 between horde and alliance, and loved each leveling experience.  Then I made it through the BC zones on 2 of them, and fizzled out by level 71 both times.  (Admittedly, I was still enjoying leveling my warrior when my account expired the last time, but merely leveling yet another character wasn't enough motivation to renew my sub.  And I was spent on every other aspect of the game...yet again.)

  • BarkopoloBarkopolo Member Posts: 46

    LOTRO has a well-developed storyline (I would hope so!)

    WoW's story is not too bad and there is lots of it.

    I tried some of the more recent games, but most have little or no story. Rift, for all it's hype, has a story so disconnected, I'm not convinced the developers know what it is.

    Given the way these game developers pump out games, I have little hope for GW2 or SWTOR.

    "If I'm not enjoying the game from the beginning then why do I need to torture myself to get to "end cap" to see the "real" game? WTF? Why can't the WHOLE GAME BE THE REAL GAME" - TheExplorer
  • NaowutNaowut Member UncommonPosts: 663

    Play single player / Co-Op RPGs for story.

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