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My oppinion playing this game for 2.5 years

enjotabeenjotabe Member Posts: 1

I m playing this game for 2.5 years....and from all this time, the only i can say is good game with bad or inexistence can play the game...till you get a problem...then poor of must send and resend and resend again and again and again and again an e-mails to support till they answer to you. If you are lucky.

More examples....this game get a story line...well its brokened for more than 20 weeks ago,,,and what yusho-frogster said? we cant fixed till new add-on... just send an e-mail to the support

What happen when a cheater atack to you using exploits,  then the company clean his loose all your stuff and you cant blame the cheater...he seems can do can read the bounty bay forum...will be fine for you to see how when a bad news appears about the game they run to delete the post, close it or censure it. If you get a problem...send and e-mail to support

More examples...they make a competition in the game....the 4 th aniversary quest....they publicate the winners list in the german forums...but seems they forget mary rear...the english one. If you get a problem send an E-mail to the support.

More examples...the harassment agains a player is not allowed in the forum, but its autoriced in the can go rear a player all time you want, kill him once again and again...its a pvp game. All depends of your visa-account...buying IM you can stay all day killing people in the game or even using exploits....then no more im...and what say the company?  Send an E-mail to support.

Actually is playing the game a famous cheater...and the company insist...send us profs...and dont blame the cheater.yeah we play the games with a video camera recordering ...we control the game data to know how this player is becoming rich each day selling stolened stuf..and we are now the game policemant to get profs of the cheater when he commit his crimes..all days at all hours than he play, and when you get enought provs and picture shots, and etc... what you must do? send an e-mail to the support.

All the comunity know the cheater name, except yusho-frogster...they seems are more worried when a player blame the game than when the costumers get a problem. But dont worry you can send an e-mail to the support.

All nice as you can see..but whats the problem...the inexistence of support, they have only one support team for all the games, all the servers, and his priority is not the BBO english server. When you send an e-mail to support he use to be always bussy or perhaps is there nobody at home.

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