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LF free sci-fi browser-based MMORPG game

russ1struss1st Member Posts: 47

I'm tired from how modern 3D MMOs are made and from inability of their designers/producers/creators to be realy creative and not to clone each other.

So am looking for some (maybe old-style) browser game, which :

-- is FREE, also not Pay-to-Win.

-- is Sci-fi based,  but not space-based (or other pseudo 3D) sci-fi

-- is an RPG or at least has some sort of player avatar and not a strategy

-- is Big enough community to have a diversified in-game market

-- has alot of customizbale andor researchable geararmorsweaponsgadgetsdevices

-- has turn based combat system or at least some combat system that not based on player reflexes or on fact how fast he can mush his mousekeyboard (I'm rly not in mood to change my mouse and keyboard often :-))

-- doesn't have a Full loot (or gear loot) PVP , looting resourcespotions etc is fine though

-- must have some zones which are safe from PvP (cities of something)

-- has world that can be explored (2D maps preferably), with randomly generated encountersloot or something

-- must have GOOD PvE content


Actualy if all other requirements are met it can be fantasy, historical or modern genre if it doesn't have childrish content.

Your suggestions are greatly appriciated.

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